Thought For Today

Friday, July 31, 2009

This Butterfly is Unchained

This Butterfly is Unchained

If I were a caterpillar what, oh what would I do
But inch along and look around for anything to chew

Hoping for something different and many other things
Eating all the time and wishing "If I only I had wings?"

The world is big and open, at least what I can see
Secretly I'm hoping, "There's something more for me."

My life it seems so dull and dreary, as I inch and eat
"When, oh when, will life change?" each new day I greet

Every days the same, it's monotony across
If this is all there is, I feel there's such great loss

I look around for something, and hold onto it tight
As I wall myself right off, I'm stifled by my fright

I cloak myself in darkness, while the world outside it turns
My demons I now battle, they take on my concerns

I hide myself from life outside, changing from within
Clinging to my only hope; a transformation to begin

I now have time to reflect upon, all that my life has brought
Locked inside my room, getting out is my greatest thought

Can my life be different having gone down deep inside
Who will win the battle, as my fears and Hopes collide?

I am going through metamorphosis, "What will I become?"
My inside walls start Healing; and they do Lighten some

My cocoon is getting thinner and almost crystal clear
I see a Light, an opening, I think I can get out of here

Were once I battled demons, with Love and Light, I've won
Such Beauty in the world I live, my New Life's just begun

As I breathe deep and look around, I see I've changed a bit
My life seemed dark and broken, but my soul it never quit

Inside I feel a miracle, has changed me from within
As I unfold my fragile wings, I shed my now old skin

Once a caterpillar transitioned, through my dark cocoon,
My wings of vivid color, A bright new life I croon

Through darkness there came Light, and confidence now gained
Hope now springs eternal, This Butterfly is unchained

written with Hope, Love and Light by,
Nina P. 7/31/2009



"Rain rain go away come again another day"

The Joyful Mantra of children.

If we could but see that joy again in rain.
The rain of nature,the rain of soul, the rain of emotion

Can bring dark skies and clouds
Can block the light of day
Can bring heaviness and lethargy
Can dash hopes and dreams
Can cancel events and postpone joys
Can bring headaches and pains
Can dampen the soul and hide laughter
Can cover a Light heart
Can create so much mud

Yet, Rain:
Can wash away old dust and grime
Can create table tents and rug picnics
Can refresh on a hot day
Can bring mud puddles to dance in
Can bring growth to the seeds of the earth
Can bring rainbows of Hope
Can bring New Life to a desert
Can make the Sonshine seem even Brighter
Can make the most vibrant Greens
Can create to most vivid colors
Can bring out so many shades of brown

Rain also:
Can nourish the heart
Can spark the imagination
Can make the most soothing sounds
Can give time for reflection
Can bring comfort to a child
Can create new growth
Can create time for friends
Can make time for reading and writing
Can bring Hope for a better tomorrow
Can be perfect for meditation and prayer
Can renew the soul

So I take the sweet liberty and change up the rhyme:

Rain Rain come this way;
Bring us Growth is what I say
For when you leave things will have grown;
As New Hope you have sown
So come if you must and bring with you;
Flowers and Rainbows and Life renew

written with Love and Light,
by a rain soaked Nina P.