Thought For Today

Sunday, September 12, 2010



Life is like a country road
You take because it's there
Adventure awaits beyond the bend
It's invitation calling

So off  you go to a world pristine
With nature all around
Its beauty adding to your breath
So amazing, it astounds

A twist a turn, where are you now?
The road gets a little dark
It narrows down with ruts and bumps
Harder  to travel along

Definitely  not what you expected
Adventure?  Hey why not?
But as you focus on what lies ahead
Fear soon takes its hold

The ruts get deep and the path less sure
Now where did my light go
I thought this road would be easy
It's why I traveled down

Since  I know the road behind
 I  decide to turn around
Though many times I try and try
I find that I cannot

By focusing on the  unknown ahead
I don't know what to do
I lose track of what brought me here
I'm afraid to move on

 I look upward with a pleading heart
My eyes catch then  the awe
 I see such Grace around me now
I feel the Spirit here

There are singing birds and trees so tall
Even a mother and her fawn
What a wonderful gift this path I chose
A Phoenix in the Sun

I can now move on with  a new  Light
My purpose is renewed
This country road just like my life
Has its ups and downs

It's when I  look outside the fear
I see the beauty there
Such a comforting hearth is natures gift
A Love that fills my heart

So travel down a country road
And see where you end up
Don't be surprised if you find yourself
Journeying through Life

Written with Love and Light
by Nina Pauline  9/12/10

photo's taken by my niece's Marilyn and Erin
and unscrupulously borrowed by their Aunt.