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Monday, March 16, 2009

Nina P's musings over :Thought for today....

"The BestThe best ornament is Humility; The richest wealth is Wisdom; The strongest weapon is Patience; The best security is Faith; The best tonic is Laughter " (3/1/09 Thought for Today/

How true this thought for today is:
All these things are found deep inside ourselves, our soul. It is said we are born in Gods image. For me that means that deep inside, if we listen to that inner voice from above, we have a connection. A connection to Gods Light, and all the gifts that are freely given. We must go to the quiet place inside, Talk to God, Listen to the Light; that is where Peace will be found, that is where answers lie. It is the outside influences that create fear, doubt, uncertainty, things that test and challenge our faith. When we are down, troubled, hurting, etc... we can look outside for the answers; for guidance. That is also good if we are careful in choosing the "who" and "where" we go for the answers. Not every church is holy, not every person is pure of heart: too many are influenced by the human need for power, control and money. If you can look beyond the human additives, you will find at the core, most, at their core, are holy and pure of heart. When you listen, read, hear messages and advice given in Gods name, deep inside you will know, if it truly a message of Gods Love and Guidance for you, a Message of Hope for the future, a message of the Light of the Son freely given to all that ask and believe.

If we are uncertain, how then do we know where to turn? Find a quiet place, a place that is peaceful and comforting to you. For me it's sitting on a fallen tree in the woods looking over the valley with the sun shinning down twinkling through the leaves, the wind gently blowing across my face, the Son warms my soul there. I can ether go there physically or if I'm unable to travel there, I can go there in my mind. I can sit in the Light, feel the warmth of the Son in my soul. This is where I find Peace, this is where I find Unconditional Love, this is where I find Hope, this is where I find Truth. I believe God talks to us in many ways, we just have to listen. That warm, soothing feeling inside is Gods arm around you. That tear on your cheek is God saying "I know you are hurting/sad/overwhelmed, but I am here for you, come find me." The lightness of laughter is God letting you know life is wonderful and joyful. When God shows us the hungry, the poor, the diseased, the hurt, the angry, that's God saying: "Share my Light, my gifts. Show them your kindness. Give them my Hope and Love. Reach out and show them there is a better way." God gives us challenges, things that test our faith every day. We must then go inside for the answers from above. Humble ourselves before God and listen to Light from the Son. Change happens in Gods time not ours; we must have patience. Wisdom lives, in us, with us, through us we must only listen, believe and follow with Light and Love.

May you find Peace, Love, Joy and Hope today and always.
Love and Light,


JA Ploetz said...

Nina - Wonderful, inspirational.

Here is link to `Thoughts from God Slide show`

Nina P. said...

Thank you and thanks for the link!!! Neautiful and so TRUE!!