Thought For Today

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Make good thoughts the treasures of your life and you will become prosperous. From: Thought for Today/

The thought for today tickles my mind; so I write…

Just before I opened this thought for today, I’d gotten off the phone with a friend. They’re going through a change today and already they have the situation being negative in all respects and are expecting a horrible day. I tried to get her to see that she hasn’t even started this new situation so why not keep an open mind. “It just might be the best thing for you. Rather than take away from, it may enrich you and your experience….” Despite my pleadings and suggestions of open mindedness and keeping an open heart, she left the conversation in a very negative light. And despite my best efforts, I felt negative too……. But not for long!!!

You see, I fully expect this person to call me later today having had the “worst day of her life”. The inner thoughts are so negative and pessimistic; that will be the day experienced by my friend, unless she can turn around her thoughts and mindset. The thoughts my friend has in her mind are more like rotten eggs than treasures. I planted positive seeds of openness, hope and change. If those thoughts take root, the experience in store for today, will be less horrific; more hopeful, peaceful and balanced.

We’ve all had days where nothing seems to go right. We seem to have a dark cloud following us everywhere we go. If we keep the down, dark negativity of those days in our thoughts and mind, that’s the type of day we’ll continue to have. As soon as I choose to put down my pessimistic umbrella of despair and negativity, I can see a break in the clouds. The Son is there, shinning through a crack in my clouds. Before long that glimmer of Light turns into a rainbow of Hope. There is a glorious wonder in the colors and my thoughts change and my heart Lightens. My thoughts have changed to golden treasures at the end of the rainbow and my day prospers.

Today, let go of the umbrella of negativity and despair. Embrace that Light coming through that small break in the clouds. Change your thoughts to the colors of the hopeful rainbow and watch your day prosper as you find your “pot of gold”: a smile of a stranger; a breeze of change on your cheek; the beauty of a flower; the steadfast strength of a tree; the song of a bird; the constant change of waves; the balance of contrasting light and shadows.… Make good thoughts the treasures of your life and Prosper.

Nina P.