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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Twilight that mystical time before night
Heaven and earth such a magical sight
Suns gone to bed with moon on the rise
Birds take to nests and owls cry

The sounds of transition whisper around
Little difference between sky and  ground

As Vision questions what it sees
Fog soon covers both ground and trees

With anticipation of what lies ahead
Imagination turns to dreams instead

Breathe deep a breath of misty air
As light and dark this time do share

Faraway places and distant lands
Twilight  leads  as night commands

Dusk  gives way, the stars have won
The day is over and night's begun

Written 11-29-2011 by Nina Pauline Ploetz

Monday, November 28, 2011

One Breath

Be Here Now
Treasure every moment that you have. And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time. Remember that time waits for no one. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow a mystery. Today is a gift... That's why it's called the present.
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It is not the number of days we spend, but how we spend our days that count.

If I have but one breath to say Thank You God, than that will be enough.

For it is in Gratitude that we find joy for what we are given; it is with Forgiveness that we find compassion for others; and it is through LOVE that we join together into ONE family of humankind. 

The past are memories, the present a gift, and the future eternal. 

May we all unite as ONE in Spirit, with Love, through God eternally.

 Blessings to you and yours always and all ways. Love and Light, Nina P

Monday, November 21, 2011

It's About Time's About Time....

One of my favorite singers of all time. His soulful music stretches beyond time and space. He was a visionary of Peace, Hope and Love...

We are all children united by our ONE heritage, living on this ONE earth as ONE family called humankind. May we be Thankful for mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, etc... And pray for Peace, Hope, Love and Light for all of our family members on this ONE earth. We may not always agree with our family, but we are always family and need to show Love.... If we don't than who will....

ONE person at a time... we can start a revolution of Tolerance, Peace, Prosperity, Hope, Love and Light.  Embrace your heritage; forgive your neighbor as yourself and Love one another and as the ONE with many names throughout time,  Loves us. May you have the Peace and Understanding of ONE. Blessings of abundance, Peace, Love, Hope and Light to you and yours always and all ways.

Let your ONE Light shine so others may see....  for by example we must be the beacon for others to see, learn and join in the ONE Light, the ONE Love...
After all.... isn't it About Time?

Love and Light,
Nina P
Listen and you will hear... ONE song throughout the glory of Nature

Friday, November 11, 2011


A day to remember
a day to forget
A day like no other
filled with the "yet"
Open like a flower
beauty to behold
each petal is different
each precious gold

One Love, One Light, One God
One eternity
All joining together
Learning to be
 Precious moments to share
With all those we love
Life's rainbow surrounds us
Gifts from above
Let hearts join together
Uniting as ONE
Come join me in teaching
Peace has begun
As common intentions
Join forces around
Conviction of purpose
Love can be found
Eleven, Eleven
Eleven again
One's standing together
As we all can

Forgetting our difference
Together is right
For that is the message
Join with the Light
The door is now open
This is the command
Love's always the answer
Walk hand in hand"
Written with Hope, Joy, Peace, Love and Light by Nina Pauline Ploetz 11-11-11

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Woman in White

Woman in White

Woman in White, frozen in time
Standing still, yet moving
With  Holy might
Watching and waiting, looking on
All knowing and seeing
Amazing sight
Past, present, future; what will be?
A rebirth of wisdoms
A future bright
Silently calling to us all
With Hope as the message
Everything's right

Glowing in darkness, oh such Love
Hands welcome to hold us
Lullaby night
Blessings upon us, we are One
Our inner soul reaching
To shine the Light

Written by Nina Pauline Ploetz (11/9/2011) for
Sharon Forsythe Hinkson's photography

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Zombies, Vampires, Mummies, Ghosts, Skeletons and Spirit; with a hint of chocolate


This is the season of monsters and scary things, scary thoughts, and  things that go bump in the night… a season of fun and a season of fears. So I titled this: Zombies, Vampires, Mummies, Ghosts, Skeletons and Spirit; with a hint of chocolate (after all, it is October, and we all know what that means?  – the national holiday of Halloween!)

So with Love and Light and in the “spirit of October” let’s start on our little “Haunted Journey” by making our own haunted film:    (lights down please)

As we take our first step into our haunted thoughts... deep into the darkness of our fears… What horror film is complete without the “Living Dead” … the Zombie or ghoul! So I knew who to cast for this role, I looked up Wiki-pedia and they describe a ZOMBIE as: A term used to denote an animated corpse brought back to life by mystical means.  Hmmm that seems to fit our need for the season…. It also goes on and says the term is often figuratively applied to describe hypnotized people lacking consciousness and self awareness; yet they ambulate and are able to respond to surrounding stimuli.

 Wow, take away the scary music from the movie and the fake decaying make up; and,... well… this definition takes on a whole new meaning.  How many of you know someone that fits this description?  Or how often do we ourselves fit this description?

Walking around at work empty, with out emotion, just ambulating going thought the motions.  Blindly doing… without true thought… putting one foot in front of the other…. Maybe we do this at home, in school, shopping, relationships, work? …. We respond to surrounding stimuli without self awareness or consciousness; we are the “living dead”.  We all find ourselves here; at various levels; at some point in our lives… the “why bother”, “just another day of the same old, same old..”. We go through the motions of walking, eating and talking yet inside we are not alive, we are empty. We exist but life has no meaning… Thoughts of the lovable, yet in another light, kind of “scary”, Winnie the Pooh’s Eore. With his “Why bother”, or “oh bother” fit this Zombie as well because of his loss of self worth, self esteem… the Zombie has forgotten who they are and why they are here. They just move for the sake of movement, their emotion and consciousness are gone…or are simply not responding.

A good October horror film wouldn’t be worthy of nail biting unless it was filled with a little suspense, so I’ll leave you with the Zombie just as we found it… (haunted sounds here)

The night air is silent and still… the darkness surrounds us…not a sight can be seen….and the only sound is the beat of your own heart…(sounds of the wind and owl hoots).. Suddenly a chilling breeze crosses your face….and the darkness comes alive…. the Vampire has arrived…. : a mythological or folklore being who subsists by feeding on the Life Essence of Living Creatures!

In John Polidorei’s 1819 novella “the Vampire”; he established the vampire as a charismatic and sophisticated being!

            Hmm… how many of us have had Vampire infestations or situations? What are they you might ask? Well… haven’t we all experienced the High energy and Fun filled room that suddenly stops when someone enters …  you can literally feel the “Life force” being sucked out of the room…. The whole room changes; the energy lessens, and the mood is more subdued.

            In some cases we may even be the vampire… feeling down or low, we may seek out someone with higher more vibrant energy to give us a “boost”.

            In these cases of vampire-ism, the person is just in need of energy and really has no clue they are draining it from another. They get this rejuvenated feeling and figure the other person is getting the same effect. These Vampires are “Clueless” you might say as to how they “drain others”.  They are not necessarily bad, just unaware of how they affect others with their negativity.

            BUT BEWARE..(dramatic and scary music here)....There are other Vampires that are extremely dangerous because they know exactly what they are doing.  They go into a room or situation with the intent of sabotaging others and purposefully drain their life essence from them…. They do this with such charisma and charm that people even invite them to parties and situations that allow even greater drainage of energy from even more people. These Vampires are filled with Ego; they need power and sub-servants to feed the never ending void they have inside…. You see, if they make themselves appear powerful by draining others energies… their ego grows as does their perceived power and they don’t have to look at their own emptiness, loneliness, fears, etc….  As a matter of fact, due to their charm and sophistication their victims put them on a pedestal and worse yet, even in a place of power over others…which perpetuates the problem…  (a major example would be the once charismatic leader Hitler. His original charm and manipulation of people made him a dangerous vampire... until people became awakened to who he really was and he got his just reward. Sadly, not before destroying a lot of good people and places in the world... his damage is still felt today) But, these beings are shallow and hollow and can only survive by using others. These Vampires may temporarily build a seemingly Grand “House of Cards” (if you will) by feeding their ego with others energies to gain power.  BUT…when the winds of Spirit/God come blowing in…. this house tumbles and the Truth is exposed.

            (flicker lights and more scary music here, creaking door, groaning,  etc..) Beware… as more MONSTERS still Lurk in the Dark!!!

            Another such monster is “The Body of a human being embalmed as in preparation for burial: THE MUMMY!!!  For our film here today, I want you to picture the kind of mummy that is wrapped up, or bound if you will…  

            For the sake of mixing a message with our horror film… I ask you: How do we wrap ourselves for burial? ...Do we hang on to arguments? Do we hang onto worries? How about those fears,  hurts, resentments and anger? What about those “Could-a, would-a, should-as”? ..The "I can’t"... "I am not worthy"... "Not good enough"... What do you wrap yourself in? What binds do you place on yourself that wraps you up or buries you? What do you allow others; or rather give others permission, to wrap you in? ‘You’ll never amount to anything!”; "You're not smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough!", "You can’t and you know it!"  "You’re not _______ enough!", etc...

            How are we allowing ourselves; and ultimately our potential; to be wrapped? And how can we break those binds?... tune in next time… (only kidding, we’ll get there soon)

            Now we got-a have some GHOSTS!! For our purposes; ghosts are apparitions, translucent or wispy shapes and visions. A Ghost is an animated principal of the mind; a transparent or misty representation of a soul.  Instead of going with the traditional version of a ghost, For this movie we are making, I am going with one of: a faint or misty appearance of a true soul being. (start the ghosts sounds please)

            Don’t we all see missed potential in others?  in ourselves?  People who are “ghosts” of who they truly are either by fear, lack of self worth, or self confidence… basically we don’t realize or acknowledge who we really are… children of the ONE Divine God, Creator of Love and Light, etc... … We choose not to own this, or not solidifying it to our fullest potential; either through fear, lack of knowledge or self worth. Sometimes it’s simply a “Not Knowing Yet”… We therefore, are ghosts of our fullest potentials, our fullest self.

            (start the bones rattling and doors creaking and shaking) And what scary film would be complete without a Skeleton or 2! SKELETONS: Those creaky old bones that shake, quake and make lots of racket… They once seemingly supported something but now they just hide in our closets making so much noise.. they sound bigger than what they are.

            We all have skeletons that make so much noise they scare us; and we try to keep them hidden in the dark so we and no one else can see them. But... skeletons… being skeletons… those old dried up bones make so much noise they sound bigger than life itself!!  (start loud rattling bones and foot step sounds)

            What are some of these skeletons we try to keep hidden… well… it may be childhood fears… fear of the dark… of abandonment… of loneliness. It could be the fear of heights, dogs, spiders, or maybe it's old resentments, old hurts both physical, emotional and maybe even spiritual. These deep dark secrets are things that we have hidden negatively affect ourselves in the present and potentially in the future… All of these skeletons are kept alive in the dark corners of our minds… we put them away in boxes or hide them where they won’t bother us… we try to forget about them…. And, well,  it works for a while… until something awakens them and they start to shake and rattle around… making so much noise in the dark, they are huge and scary and have become bigger than life itself; and bigger than we can handle alone.

            (stop all music... silence) Wow…. what Monsters we’ve found and created and carry around with us on our Haunted Journey….   How truly scary this film is if we leave the story to end here…  (start slowly bringing up the lights with each monster revisited)

            These Monsters are familiar to us, and at times, they almost seem to belong with us… It may be easier to hang on to something familiar even if it no longer serves us, because oddly it feels comfortable because it is known to us …. And as humans, we usually want the easiest way out, with the least amount of work… So we try to survive with these monsters rather than get rid of them.

            (start triumphant, empowering music here; softly, and  increasing slightly with each re-visited monster) With the help of the ONE Source, Great Spirit, God, Divine, Creator, Teacher, Healer…. I challenge each of you to take on these Monsters.... Yep take them on and give your movie, your journey a happy ending.  We are united in the fact that we are all part of the ONE…We are all part of this circle of Life, this circle of ONE.  Therefore,  when we face our monsters, we are not facing them alone, rather we are armed with the Truth that In, With and Through  the ONE: together,  we can face any foe… real or imagined. Our Power through the ONE is infinite and eternal.

            So now that we are "armed" with the power of ONE, let's go in reverse and fight these Monsters one by one…

            Skeletons in the dark seem to have a size much bigger than they do in the Light…. So go an open the door and Shine God’s Light and Love into the deepest darkest corners of your skeletons hiding place and see them for who and what they really are… events, things, places, people, of the past… they are like the skeletons…. old memories and hurts that rattle around making noise. If you need someone with you to help guide you  to face your fears; go with a friend, counselor, life coach, pastor or  clergy, shaman, healer, etc.... But GO! Yes, go and face your fears armed and protected with the True Love and Light of God/ Creator/ ONE and look at what is really there rattling around. Look with new and Loving  eyes... and I know you will see those skeletons  in a new Light…. The past can not hurt you if you shine God’s Light of Love into the deepest corners… Love is always the answer… It sounds simple, but deep down you know it is true, for all of our experiences make us who we are today... and all are part of our circle of Life, our circle of ONE.... Learning to live with all that is in our circle, in ourselves, without judgment, or emotion, but allow all, the good and bad, the yin and yang, to be...Find that balance through  The Love and Light of the ONE. Skeletons only have importance, if we choose to place importance on them... If we just allow them to be... by shining Light on them we take away their "greatness: dispelling their fear, their control over us.... by shedding the Light of Truth onto them...they no longer have power over us... unless we choose to allow them to. Once they are exposed for what they are, it is up to us to keep them, or let them go.

            Once we have shed Light on our skeletons... and found that balance to our circle of Life, circle of ONE, We now can tackle the Ghosts… the "not living up to our fullest potential"… Getting rid of, or facing, our skeletons puts us on the path of balance, the path to self worth and accepting ourselves as children of the ONE Great Spirit, God, Love, Light, Divine…. Once we own our Truth, our Heritage, we find that balance and we are whole and ONE with the all.  We can no longer live as ghosts if we are filled with the substance of Light and Love.

            When we have substance and self worth, we are worthy of being who we are…. No excuses, no fears…. We can tear through all that binds us… for we allowed ourselves to be fooled into thinking we were bound by outside forces when it was all an inside job… we did it to ourselves by accepting the negatives that we  allowed to bind us….The "mummies binds" are broken as  We are now free through the Love and Light of God.

            Once we free ourselves from our binds we can see more clearly… we accept what is ours and don’t take on what is not… We can shine our Light through Love... We can shine our light and share it with others who, will take what they need and use it for the highest and best…. How can you not be a victim to the sly and sophisticated vampire? How can you protect yourself when you might not even know someone is draining you? ... well a wonderful teacher, once told me… that we all need to protect ourselves from negative people and situations… not take it into ourselves or into our heart, that which is harmful or hurtful, draining or negative…. Instead, place a shield of God’s Light over your heart… only allowing in what is for your highest and best…. And that shield will reflect back the negative that is being cast your way… But, only after first changing it and healing it, and then reflecting it back to the sender so they may start their healing process… For when you have a heart of Love and are infused with God’s Light, you can not be harmed.

            Now this is not to say we all don’t have hard lessons to learn… but as Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Jesus, Buda,  and all the beloved children of God  that have taught and lived Love… These people's lives were not without difficulty…in fact rather the opposite, the lives they lead were very hard and filled with many challenges, trials and tribulations... It was how the difficulty was handled, how they responded and learned the lessons from all aspects of their lives, and then continued living and  teaching the lessons of Love and Gods Light ever present throughout All.

 Well  we have made it though almost all the Monsters now… and  we are back to where we started… Hopefully, by battling all the other monsters,  you can see how you are learning to fill your journey with the purpose of living... Loving the life you are given... and through all your life's experiences,  each lesson you go through you come out stronger through the Love and Light of the ONE... You then are on your way to living your fullest potential! Your heart and soul have a conscious and compassionate reason to LIVE and be ALIVE!….For YOU ARE a Child of the ONE Great Spirit... One Light, One Love... You are part of the great circle of ONE.

You still might ask, "what if the Zombie is someone else?"… well, we all know the power of healing thoughts and prayers… we all know that by shining our Light and Love to all… we may just illuminate the spark they have inside of themselves…. That Light, that commonality of being; ONE in the Light; ONE with the Spirit and ONE through Love, One part of the circle of ONE; they may just begin to feel alive as well.... we can only lead by example and education, prayer and positive intentions... the rest is up to them... All is for a reason... and their "awakening" will come when it is their time, and ours will come when it is our time.

So we give a happy ending to our film... our Haunted Journey... we acknowledge our Heritage as being part of the great circle of ONE, children of God,  the  ONE true Great Spirit, Teacher, Healer, …. And because it’s October…. this  Spirit ends here with a hint of chocolate… for we all know... a little chocolate will sooth even the savage beasts.

May each of you find your Happy ending for your life's journey; In, With and Through God’s Love and Light. 

May you be part of the circle of ONE, and may you always remember, that Together, we are ONE... Blessings to you and yours always.

Love and Light,

Nina Pauline Ploetz

Thursday, October 20, 2011


What first may appear as a discouraging obstacle, with New eyes, may just be: the shade in a desert; the stone used to climb to new heights;  a bramble to hang on to for support; a deterrent that changes your direction from one of harm to one of safety; a reason to pause and look around and see where you've been, where you are, and where you are going; a bridge from one path to another; ...  

With Truth all things are possible. With Love you never walk alone. With Light there is no darkness. Trust in Gods Truth, Light, and Love: for living in, with and through the ONE  you will find strength, courage, compassion, ...and you never walk alone.

Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina Pauline

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We need your Help!!! Highland’s Pink Glove Video

I have worked at Highland Hospital in Rochester, NY for 30 years and you can't find a better place to work or a better group of people to care for you. We had so much fun doing this.

Enjoy watching it and if you can, Please log in and vote for us!! :-) Thank you!

Voting for Highland’s Pink Glove Video Begins Today!

RUN and Cast your vote for our hospital’s entry – and ask your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues to do the same!

The background: In August and September, more than a thousand Highland people teamed with breast cancer patients and survivors to create an inspirational Pink Glove dance video. The first Pink Glove video was created in November 2009 by Oregon’s Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. Shot like a music video, hospital physicians and employees – wearing pink gloves to symbolize breast cancer advocacy – performed fun and simple dance routines to support the cause.

Highland has created a video that captures the spirit of our hospital and our community. And we entered our video in a national contest sponsored by Medline, creator of the surgical pink gloves worn in the video.

Now, the moment we’ve been working for and waiting for is finally here – the national Pink Glove video competition is LIVE!

Please Help fight Breast Cancer and all Cancers and diseases... If you are financially able, please donate to your local organizations. and for everyone... please send healing thoughts and prayers to all those suffering for breast Cancer or any illness. Blessings to you and yours. And thank you for your votes and passing this link on to any and all you would like... Thank you!

Love and Light,
Nina P

Friday, September 30, 2011

Choosing Your Path

 Choosing Your Path
Do I take the road that lies ahead or do I forge a brave new path?

Do I follow my heart to where it leads? Will I find Peace or wrath?
Choose to follow the road to Light, though it may twist and turn.
Walk your  path to Love and Light, and Together we can learn.
Follow your dreams towards Higher ground, walk in Angels hand.
And be the change you want to see, Across this earthy land.
Time will come when we'll see, all paths follow the same Light.
 God's has many names and forms,  yet has One Great Sight.
Let's unify this world we're in, and find the common ground.
For brothers and sisters  all are we, to see this just look around
We are more alike than we differ, open your senses and  know
We're all created in the Light;  all seeds  that God did sow

Each of us has a place on earth, and also a  place Above.
As One let's  walk on our paths and  Unite through Infinite Love.
 Written with Love and Light, by Nina P. Ploetz 9/30/2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Morning Fog

Morning Fog
Night lifts its sleepy head
Fog, a blanket drawn
Darkness lingers just a bit
As night turns into dawn

Shadow hues of black and gray
Contemplations strong
Hidden thoughts of the past
Will they linger long?

There's a shift as light it stirs
Colors on the ground
Greens stand as sentry guards
Water central with no sound
Staring at the hazy view
Transfixed on what we see
A pallet changing all its color
As we awake and be
Fairy tales are in this place
Misty silence; contemplate
Reflecting on the stream of Life
And the paths we take


 Past  to present stories told
But what does lie ahead?
Through the mist a river bends
Is there hope or dread?
With fearful eyes and lack of hope
Color loses its hue
Stand firm in Truth and the Light
Darkness leaves only dew
Thoughts of Love, Hope and Light
The colors they do change
Watching the fog as it lifts
See colors rearrange

With faith and Love in your heart
Possibilities can come true
Opening up your hearts and minds
Imagination takes its hue
So lift the fog that blinds the soul
The Light; it shines and warms
Colors change within the heart
As Love takes many forms
Next time you see a foggy stream
Watch the shadows lift
Reflect on Life with Love and Light
And open up your gift.
written with Love and Light by Nina Pauline Ploetz 9/24/2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Clytie needs our healing thoughts and Prayers.

Our dear Friend Clytie is in need of your Healing thoughts and Prayers again. She is in the Hospital and needs the Love and Healing thoughts and prayers from All. May God Bless Clytie with Healing Power and Grace, Bless the Dr.'s and nurses and health care workers taking care of her, May her family and friends be Blessed and my God's Healing Love spread over all. Blessings of Love and Light. This was written for Clytie 2 years ago, but it is time ot re-post.

Clytie see's hearts all over the world. Lets now pray for hers to heal

Our Dear friend Clytie has fallen ill.
So please all help if you will

Say a prayer to send her healing
Bless the family who all are reeling

Guide them safe as they travel
Keep them all from unravel

Grant them Faith and Understanding
When life is hard and so demanding

Guide all those that care for her health
Give them all Your Spiritual wealth

Now bow our heads and say a prayer
From heart to heart lets all be there

Lift up our voices all as one
Pray for Clytie that healings begun

We lift our hearts to you Above
God Bless Clytie with your Healing Love

May God grant His Healing Power and Grace to Clytie. May Peace and Understanding Guide thoughts and prayers. May God Bless Family and Friends as we gather around in Thought and Love. May you feel God's Power within you today and may He grant you Healing in every way. Healing Thoughts and Prayers go out to each and every one of you. Faith, Hope, Peace and Love be yours today and always. God, Bless all that are in need of Your Healing Power and Grace. May Your Light shine down upon them and give them Peace.
Love and Light, Nina P

You can keep track of her progress and send Healing thoughts, prayers and wishes to the following sites:

Grannie Anne's Place:

Beth Niquette Fine Art:

Clytie at Random Hearts:

Clytie @ Random Stuff:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Be a Servant:

Be a Servant:
Be a servant of  service for a Higher Calling, A Higher Power, a Higher Cause.
So much negativity is associated with the word servant. It may bring negative emotions to some as they remember times of people in power forcing others to "serve" their whims of greed and ego.  These people use(d) hate and fear to control others to make themselves feel superior, powerful, important.... They use(d ) other human beings to fill the hole within themselves. If they control others they never had to look within to see what was there, or rather, what was not. They could be above others (in their mind at least) making others do whatever he/she felt they wanted done. They felt or feel  if they humiliate another human being by making them servants, they could be and feel whole.... However, in the deepest segments of their soul... they were still hollow, for nothing can fill a void that is created by ego and greed except the realization that once we let go of ego, let go of greed, let go of the need, or wanting of power and controlling others..... it is then, and only then, that we begin to feel whole. Then and only then we can feel as part of the Greater Collective the ONE that Unites us all as Spirits of humanity, as spirits of Love, as spirits of the Highest, God..... but that is for another topic, another day...

Today, I want to focus on being a Servant, being of Service. Take away the negativity associated with the word servant and look at it with a pure heart and being a servant with faith, gratitude and Love.  If you really think about it, that is why we are all here; to serve. And when we all realize this, what a better world it will be.

 If we are here to serve from/with a pure heart, than we are here to give.  We are here to make things better, to be a bridge between issues and problems and find solutions. And by giving freely of our individual talents without ego, without greed, without expectation; we open to the Light, to Love and we also receive. For it is impossible to give through Love and Light and not also receive. Receive without expectation, receive with an open heart and mind that which returns through being a servant of Love and Light.

This concept was hard for me at first. for "isn't it better to give than to receive?"  A true statement if you are talking about "receiving" that which is not yours to receive; If you are "receiving" that which is not yours to take; if you are "receiving" for the sake of ego and greed; if you are "receiving" to obtain power or control, than you are actually not receiving at all but rather taking from or of another. And, no, this is not part of the Masters plan, this type of receiving or rather taking,  is always ego driven, power driven, again as I mentioned before, trying to fill a hole rather than find what is truly missing.... but that  is another topic for another day.

For those of us who have a hard time receiving; it is OK to receive. Because through giving, you have no choice but to receive.  A dear friend of mine shared this little story with me that went something like this:

            When you go and give freely to help another human being, you are giving, serving from the soul. You may give of your time, your money, or helping to build or rebuild something    that was lost.  The person/people you are helping are in dire need of this help. For some   of them too, it is hard to receive; as they may not feel worthy of such gifts, they may not     be able to return the "favor", they may have the same problem of receiving as you do, yet their circumstance makes it impossible not to accept help.  So they do, with a heart so full of gratitude and maybe unworthiness, they accept the help so they may survive.
            As a thank you for what you have done, they may take of what little they have and  make, or give you something that is precious to them to give to you in return. Your heart is such that your immediate response is to say: " no thank you, you keep it, you need it."  Did you Look at their faces when you said no to their gift of gratitude? Did you see you  see the hurt in their eyes? I know your heart was saying, they have so little, they need  this, or this belonged to their ancestors, their family, they should keep this... but at some level, you dishonored them by not accepting their gratitude. You put yourself, your ego, above them by saying no thank you.

          Next time, think of this before you turn away a gift of gratitude: Remember how good it             made you feel when you freely gave/helped/served  someone in need? ... well, when you do not open to receive their gift of gratitude, of love, you are actually depriving them of  that same feeling... and what gives you the right to make that judgment and take away   that gift, that feeling from them?" So accept the gift with a humble grateful heart and honor their spirit as they horror yours... and say Thank you.

True story and powerful words. They hit me in the heart like lead. There is a difference in taking for the sake of taking and receiving that from another that is given with gratitude and love. For one is ego, greed, and self serving and the other is an honoring; a union of souls through Love.

 How can we be a servant? Serve without expectation, serve with an open heart, serve in, with, and through Love.  For if we all serve, give of ourselves, of our talents, of our soul we are serving the Higher Being, God, Creator, I AM. Giving of your time, your talents your money, your prayers, etc.. there are many ways to give. Random acts of kindness, letting someone in line, picking up garbage, opening a door, holding the elevator, paying for coffee, groceries, etc... the list of service is endless. We can give of our time to help rebuild homes, churches, hearts. We can comfort those in need, we can rebuild what was lost, we can replenish pantries, plant gardens, spread Light and Love wherever we go... We can be Servants of the Eternal.

Be a Servant of Light and Love. Serve with an open and pure heart. And by doing this, you will have no choice but to receive. For we receive so much gratitude, so much Love from the universe, from animals, from nature and other human beings in return for  whatever our service may be. I feel the world, this community and ourselves would be so much better off if we learned to be True Servants of Life, of Eternity, of the Higher being/God.

 Take away the mindset of ego and greed, the "what's in it for me" and replace it with a pure heart of Love and you will have no choice but to be a servant of Life, of Hope, of Love. And by giving, you will receive so much more than you can ever imagine. Try to give and not receive something in return. Try it and you will find out you can't. For when you give freely from the heart of Love, you receive a gift of the soul.
Still don't believe you can't give from a heart of Love without receiving? Than here is my challenge to you: Open your heart to pure Love and give a little. It doesn't have to be monetary however it can be if it is what is in your heart to do. It can be your time by helping out someone in need. It can be of prayer or meditation by sending healing or the highest and best to another, others or the world.... It can be as simple as a smile. A smile from the soul filled with love. Just try it: if you see someone looking sad, depressed, troubled, worried... give them a soulful smile. Not a fake one but a true soulful smile, one you find deep in your heart and give it away... not in pity but in, with and through LOVE... than imagine what that person may feel, do and on a greater level the world, when they receive a genuine smile... heart to heart, spirit to spirit, soul to soul... Just give it freely and watch it bloom...

 We can all be part of the whole, the ONE if we join together and have the Service mindset, for we all have many talents. So our services change and are varied for mine is different than yours, and his from hers, and theirs from ours, etc... But if we all come to it with the same mindset: being a Servant of the Eternal, being here To Serve in with and through Love; what a Glorious World it would be! We would each then Serve joyously from the heart  and receive joyously from the soul. For when we join  together our services we join as our part in the ONE as servants for the Higher Good, the Higher purpose; LOVE.
This is one of the lessons we are meant to learn as human beings of the Divine, of Spirit, of Love. We are meant to be beings of service and through service we perpetuate Love, Hope, Peace and Harmony; Together we are ONE. And through service, we gain by receiving. For as we give in, with and through Love; the Infinite Spirit, God, replenishes it  tenfold. The gifts we receive through giving cannot be measured or taken away, for as we give with Love, we receive Love, and this cycle of Life of Love is eternal.

Many Blessings of Love, of Life, of Service, of receiving, of Light to you and yours, always.
Love and Light, 
Nina Pauline  (written first from thoughts given to me while driving and then put on paper 9/17/2011)

Friday, August 19, 2011

When Loneliness Calls

When loneliness  calls in the middle of the night
how are we to answer?
It whispers in our very soul
An ache we cannot see
We push aside and try not to feel
yet it lingers there
Sending out its lonesome cry
of wilderness and despair
This calling creeps inside your soul
and won't let go its teeth
Yet we don't want its presence
and try to ignore it's void
When loneliness comes into ones space
It's wanting won't let go
Until you face the reasons
That called it to your soul
Like so many things it's an inside job
one of our own creation
for if we are not satisfied with ourselves
This monster in does creep
Once this knowledge is in the front
loneliness loses control
for now the power lies within
to change your very soul
Loneliness seems a void to fill
deep within ourselves
It calls to us a song of woe
A melody we sing or change
Instead of humming this old tune
get out of your own head
take a look around yourself
and see more than lonely dread
See instead the ray of sun
That wakes you every morn
The song of birds and sultry breeze
that brushes across your cheek
For loneliness is an inside job
it comes without gratitude
our head down and heart closed
it fills us seemingly complete
yet when we take that lowered brow
and turn it to the Light
our heart it beats a little faster
as the rays of hope seep in
So when you feel alone and sad
even in a crowded room
look instead into the Light
that lives inside of you
Melancholy  as no place
when you're dancing in the sun
Darkness has no sting or fear
when Light brings Peace and Love
No need to rely on human forms
to bring us happiness
It lies within each of us
Love and Light will open the door
Let go of all the self doubt and fear

and step into the Light
For this Light it reaches out for you
awakening yourself
For when your filled with Love and Light
you are never alone
Instead your part of this great puzzle
Your piece completes it whole
When loneliness calls in the middle of the night
Send Love into despair
And soon you'll see the glimmer of Light
you are never alone
Our place on earth is to love each other
as we love ourselves
Loneliness can't survive with Love
as Love and Light are ONE
So if Love and Light live  with you
you are never alone.
Gratefully inside each soul
lives the strength of  ONE

written with Love and Light

by Nina Pauline Ploetz 8/19/2011
This is a first draft of what came to me at 0 dark thirty this morning... As most of what I post, it has technical flaws and is raw... but, sometimes the need from my inspiration pushes hard to sare. The time is now, is what I hear, as to someone this must be heard... So I put it here in this rough form... to share inspiration to a soul....
We all have moments, days, times that we feel we are all alone in this world and lonliness and dispair can sneak in. These feelings tend to come when we forget to be greatful; to be breathing, to be able to learn the lessons from difficulties/pains/problems we face in our every day lives. We see others around us happy and seemingly care free yet inside there is a hole that eats away if we let it... When we compair, dispair, forget that even in the hardest strongest darkest storms in our life, the Light is always shining above the clouds... It lies within ourselves.... God, Creator, Source, I AM,  placed in each and every soul a Light that is part of the whole, the ONE. When we realize this, then we are not alone, as within each and every one of us, there lives this conective Light... It shines brightest with a greatful heart.
Once we recognize this Light, this Love, is In/With/Through  us; we realize we are ONE with Love, ONE  with Light. We learn that through this Love we must love ourselves and once we realize this,  it is then that we truly can love others. Loneliness is just a shadow of our own creation and Love is the Light that shines to illuminate the Truth.
Blessings to those you Love, including yourself.
May we all learn to love ourselves and each other. We are all ONE family living on this earth to share expiriences, share ideas, share friendships, share love.
Love and Light,
Nina P