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Friday, December 4, 2009

Please Pray for Clytie

Our Dear friend Clytie has fallen ill.
So please all help if you will

Say a prayer to send her healing
Bless the family who all are reeling

Guide them safe as they travel
Keep them all from unravel

Grant them Faith and Understanding
When life is hard and so demanding

Guide all those that care for her health
Give them all Your Spiritual wealth

Now bow our heads and say a prayer
From heart to heart lets all be there

Lift up our voices all as one
Pray for Clytie that healings begun

We lift our hearts to you Above
God Bless Clytie with your Healing Love

May God grant His Healing Power and Grace to Clytie. May Peace and Understanding Guide thoughts and prayers. May God Bless Family and Friends as we gather around in Thought and Love. May you feel God's Power within you today and may He grant you Healing in every way. Healing Thoughts and Prayers go out to each and every one of you. Faith, Hope, Peace and Love be yours today and always. God, Bless all that are in need of Your Healing Power and Grace. May Your Light shine down upon them and give them Peace.
Love and Light, Nina P

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

When people say your name how does it feel? How does it fit? Does it make you smile? What's in a name anyway?

Here's a fun little story that forever changed me ... and my name.

In highs school, I always had 2 choices for what I wanted to go to college for...(OK maybe more but Singer-Songwriter was already taken.) I went into healthcare but special education was always close to my heart as well. I choose healthcare and have no regrets as I love what I do. That said, I always wondered if I could have made it in special education. About 20 years ago now.. (Oh no... it can't be that long ago... or can it.. whew time flies) I had the opportunity to go for a day to my friends special education classroom (she was/is a dedicated, every student counts, Teacher).

What a treat for me to spend a day with a group of wonderful, truly special, children. We did math, read books, did crafts, and went to music class. Music class was one of the students favorites. They'd all walk (wanting to run) to the room to sit and sing songs with the teacher. This day the teacher was playing the piano and "talk singing" her comments and thoughts. She sang about the sunny day and all the students sitting so nicely and then she sang a song about the "stranger" in the room, ME! She asked me my name and I said Nina... She played the piano and thought then sang a song about how could she remember my name... She sang how she had a great idea, she'd think of her favorite number.... (thinking here and playing a little song....) ... then out she sang... my favorite number today is Nine..... so I'll say 9 and then add a great big "A" at the end... That's it that's how I'm going to remember her name... She made the kids sing my name a few times and then she went on with her class....

Later that day I went for a walk with the younger kids. One sweet little girl wanted to hold my hand while we walked. She was just a little cutie... My friend, the Special Ed teacher, came over and asked the little girl if she was enjoying the walk. The little girl smiled wide and said yes, as she squeezed my hand tighter and winked at me. My friend asked her if she remembered my name. Well that got this little girl. She stood there and got so quiet and serious... she scrunched up her face, thinking hard...... after a minute or so her face brightened up and she shook her head up and down... "I remember, I remember!!" She said excitedly. "That's Good" said my friend, "what is it, what's her name?" ..... This little angel looked up at me smiled so proudly and in her happiest voice said...."Eleven- A!" It was all I could do not to laugh out loud, she had in fact remembered what the music teacher had said; she remembered her favorite number and added "A".

To this day I tell that story and smile wide myself.... Angels come in many forms and this one touched my heart and soul forever.... So what's in a name?....... Everything!

May you find happiness, smiles, giggles and laughter in your name today. May the sound of your name bring you Joy, Hope, and Love. Remember when you hear your name(s), as it's being spoken, it comes from one soul into yours. The mere word conveys so much as it connects you to another. May your spirit be lifted and your heart smile as you remember and hear your name(s). Celebrate all that is you today.

Love and Light, 9 - A or maybe today I should say "Eleven - A"

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunset Skies are Calling

Sunset Skies are Calling

Sunset skies are calling as daylight greets the night
Songbirds fill the sky to nests they now take flight

Sails out on the water start heading towards the shore
Seagulls still are diving as they scavenge for one more

Signs of business booming as the city starts to glow
Such nightlife it does promise to put on a good show

Scents of daytime flowers fill the evening breeze
Swaying branches rustle as sunbeams tickle trees

Sweetly sun does kiss the top of horizons head
So softly the transition from day to night is spread

Symphonies are heard as music greets the moon
Sunset skies are calling "I'll be back again real soon".

With Love and Light,
by Nina Pauline

Photo's are my own except for the sailboat: Tatiana Zimmerman and the City sunset: Microsoft Clip Art search