Thought For Today

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

Trees don't care what traveler rests
Beneath their branches strong
Their shade does not discriminate
You can stay there short or long

Branches sway in summer's breeze
Leaves rustle nature's song
Innately they just seem to know
What is right from what is wrong

Look up from where you are and see
Leaves dancing in the sky
Swaying to sweet melodies
Played by wind as it goes by

Sit and rest and catch your breath
Go ahead and deeply sigh
This Tree of Life is here for all
Of that there is no lie

Its roots are deeply grounded
Into earth's dark richest soil
A seed that once was planted
To grow strong it had to toil

Pushing up through stone and dirt
Frail leaves soon did uncoil
Tossed and buried in storms and snow
The elements tried to foil

This tree learned many lessons from life
Just listen and you will know
Let your roots grow strong and deep
Watch your Life begin to grow

The Greatest lesson of all is Love
Once with you it will Show
The Tree of Life's now part of you
Within you wherever you go

Written with Love and Light
by Nina P