Thought For Today

Sunday, October 24, 2010


 A Little Halloween Fun

It's Halloween come out and play
Ghosts  and goblins have your way

                                Gathering  in the full moon light,
 As owls hoot and bats take flight.

Witches come with cape and hat,
Eye of newt and cat of black.

Let's boil a brew and cast a spell
So all will be happy and all is well

We'll sit around  and cackle a bit,
Sharing our secrets and some wit

Then Fly around on brooms of old
Scare some people  if we are bold

Spend some time and reminisce
Of cauldrons past as dragons hissed

A night to be that witch we are
Fly the skies both near and far

Flap your wings or howl at the moon
Teeth grow sharp not all too soon

So phantom  friend come fly with me
We've tales to tell and sights to see.

This is the night that's ours to run
Just having a little Halloween fun

Written 2009 by Nina Pauline  (a.k.a. Nina P )
                              Original Artwork by Kyle Jackson (