Thought For Today

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Secret....

look closely and you'll see the beauties I came home to the other day

Such glorious inspiration right in my own back yard....

I just had to share these little beauties....

Thought for Today

The secret is to want nothing.

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After reading this thought for today….what??….but I need food, I need a home, I need clothes…..I want a job, I want to keep by job, I want those shoes, I want my kids to go to college, a want a cure for cancer/MS/diseases, I want my boss to appreciate me, I want traffic to start moving, I want my spouse to love me and treat me better, I want love, I want a new car, I want, I want, I want….How can we want nothing?

Here’s the secret part: Be thankful for what you have. Show gratitude for the abundance in your life. Throw away and put away the “I need’s“, “if I had’s”, “I want’s“, “ if only’s,”… and replace them with I am Thankful’s…

Find a quiet place, either your favorite place or just find that quiet place in your mind… Then stop and really think about all the glorious things we have and are given….. Start with the Thank You’s in your life:
I am Thankful for the ability to breathe today; for the air; for the clouds that float and shift making shapes as they go by; for the rainbow of Hope after the storms in my life; for the Son that brings Light to my soul; for the Moonbeams that grace the twinkling night sky; for the trees that sway in the breeze; for that little shoot of green coming through the dark soil; for the wonders of snowflakes (no 2 alike); for the dark soil that can help grow life as delicate as a flower or as strong as a tree; I am Grateful for friends and family; for birds singing their songs of joy; for the soaring eagle, hawk, bird that flies effortlessly above with only air beneath its wings; I Thank you for the beauty and energy of a sunrise inviting a new day; I’m Thankful for the Peace and Tranquility of a sunset saying “rest now”; …

I am Thankful that God, Spirit, the Energy of the ages, the Creator of all, The Highest of Vibrations is with me, by my side, in my soul, holding my hand when I’m lonely, carrying me when I’m weak, singing me lullabies when I am tired; I am Thankful to able to Be today, to feel today, to Love today, to know today that the Son will shine, the Moon will rise and life will continue; I am Thankful for the breeze across my cheek, an angle’s kiss, letting me know its OK….

I Thank You for me today; for just being; for being able to see, feel, touch, taste, hear life today; I Thank You for the ability to walk though I may not have legs; the ability to soar though I have no wings; the ability to be full though I have no food; the ability to touch though I have no arms; the ability to see though my eyes are dark; I Thank You for your Grace and Love that gives me all these things through mediation and prayer; With the Power and Grace and Love of the Great I AM, we can soar higher than any bird; we will not hunger; we can touch , feel and see, taste all the Glory around…

Just go within, be Grateful, be Thankful,….just be…That my friends is the Secret….The Secret’s in you, with you, through you always…

Once you start being Thankful and Grateful for all that you have, all that is freely given the “I need’s” and “I want’s” seem to vanish…. Peace, Hope, Grace, Love fills the you with Light and it shines deep into the soul….

I am Grateful and Thankful for you….. May you want nothing today and be grateful…

Love and Light, Nina P.

the darkness gives way to the promise of better tomorrows

Monday, June 29, 2009



I am the glimmer of Hope
In the well of darkness

I am the touch of compassion
On the shoulder of sorrows

I am the comforting shade
Soothing the heat of self hatred

I am the eternal spring
In the desert of despair

I am the cooling water
In the heat of anger

I am the soft lullaby
Calling for slumber and rest

I am the soothing salve
On the wounds of the heart

I am the shining Light
On your path through life

I am the sweet dreams
Of a better tomorrow

I am the healer
Of the wounds of the earth

I am the breath
That illuminates your soul

I am the All
That fills your emptiness

I am the knowledge
In the classroom of chaos

I am the Life
For the living and the dead

I am the voice of reason
In a heated debate

I am the Peacemaker
In the fight of misunderstandings

I am the glue
That repairs broken lives

I am the warm hand
You hold when you need a friend

I am the listening ear
That hears your deepest thoughts

I am the caring heart
That beats forever

I am the Master
Piecing the mosaic of life

I am the vigilant protector
With you on your darkest nights

I am the comforter
Of all your fears, doubts and worries

I am the Always
That is in you , with you, through you

the TRUTH of All that was,
All that is, and
All that will be

Written with a hand guiding mine;
With Love and Light, by Nina P.