Thought For Today

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Challenge You This Valentine's Day

I Challenge You This  Valentine's Day
We have this day called Valentine's Day
To honor  those we love
It's easy to remember them
Our soul's light as a dove

Were Love abounds and Angels sing
Emotions tender strong
We share our inner feelings
Showing loved ones they belong

We spread our wings as if to fly
And gently wrap them round
Embracing our very breath
As loved ones make hearts pound

If we could open our mind and soul
We'd find there's more to see
So many lonely people
Needing a hand from you and me

I challenge you this Valentine's Day
It's a perfect day to start
show the world compassion
Spreading Love from Heart to Heart

Giving a piece of  pocket and soul
Your spirit it will lift
Share your Love and Hope
Make this your new Valentine's gift

Give of yourself to people today
And you will find the key
A Heart that overflows
Will find Love that will always be

Happy Valentine's Day to One and All!
I wish you all Life's Best
A heart that's filled with Love
May you and yours be  Blessed

Written with Love and Light,
By Nina P