Thought For Today

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life in a Day


Life in a Day
The sunrise of Life's where it all begins
The Light starts to glow and nature grins
With soft gentle beauty and the song of a bird
We awake with such Hope from what we just heard

So young and so new we progress with the day
We eat, play and nap, listening to all that they say
The sun keeps rising shining its Light for all
Listening and Learning we head its call

This part of the day's filled with exploring and fun
We grow and we learn as we follow the sun
Each experience we have brings us farther along
Building our bodies and Faith to be strong

Don't look now but I think it's high noon
This day is progressing much too soon
Working and playing the day seems to fly
Filled full we forget to look to the sky

There are clouds and rain as our day does progress
Yet through it all we find Hope, Peace and Happiness
This day has been full yet there is so much more
The body gets tired but the soul wants to soar

The sky changes colors as the sun starts to set
Reflections of what we've done and those we have met
We share more of ourselves as our  day starts to end
It is wisdom, forgiveness and good wishes we send

This time of Life we look High Above
To see the sunset, given to us with Love
For at the day's end with such color and hue
God shows His Promise, that all will be new

So we end Life's day not with fear and sorrow
But with Love, Hope and Joy of our Promised tomorrow
Live your day open as you keep your heart
Then you will find comfort as the sun departs

No one knows how long is their day
Have Forgiveness and Gratitude come what may
Interacting with others and sharing with Love
Soar like an eagle on the wings of a dove

Life in a Day is how we should live
Enjoying it all and with Thanks we can give
Live with Love and Compassion and you will see
From sunrise to sunset you were all you could be

Written with Love and Light by Nina Pauline (6/21/10)