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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Celebration of all things December

A Celebration of all things

(These were found on-line when I typed in December Holidays.
They were all on various sites!!
Whew... I guess every day's a Celebration!!.. all as it should be!)

It is Winter, it is Summer depending where you live
It's day, night, snow, rain with sunshine oh so bright
There are births and deaths, things of great sorrow and joy
Come and see some of what we celebrate in December

Eat a Red Apple Day is on December 1st
And its  World Aids Awareness Day as well
December 2 brings National Fritters Day
and be Thankful for Roof Over Your Head Day next

Kids of all ages, you must make a list
for the 4th is Santa's List Day
But don't forget while doing this
to wear brown shoes on Wear Brown Shoes Day

Repeal Day is December 5th as Prohibition it did end
Then jump in and clean things up its also Bathtub Party Day
Put On Your Own Shoes and Mitten Tree Day
Both share the 6th with St. Nicholas Day

Pick up a pen and send a post, the 7th's Write a Letter Day
Then go fly as its International Civil Aviation Day
When you land go enjoy National Cotton Candy Day too
Slow it down as this day's not done but it does somber

Bow your heads and say a prayer as we honor those we lost
USA's Pearl Harbor Day "...a day that will live in infamy."
A Day to remember the military and more
And may I add a prayer for Peace and not war

On the 8th let's change the tone and have delicious fun
Cakey, chewy, chocolaty yum; today is National Brownie Day
As you write your cards on the 9th (Christmas Card Day)
The oven's hot once again on National Pastry Day

The Festival of Lights starts this month usually in the middle
These are the Blessed and Celebrated days of Hanukkah
Blessings are said while lighting the candles on each menorah
Dreidels are spun, joy is spread as holiday foods grace each table

The 10th it brings awareness too its World Human Rights Day
Respect all humans by honoring every child, woman and man
Maybe it's real or maybe it's not the 11th's Noodle Ring Day
Not to be outdone the 12 brings along National Ding-a-Ling Day

Poinsettia Day or as some say Point-seta, is on the 12
December, 13th brings a Favorite as it's National Ice Cream Day
Pick up the bow and a violin on Violin Day this day as well
And near about the second Sunday is International Children's Day

Now grab a pot it's time to cook on 14th's National Bouillabaisse Day
Turn on the oven on the 15th for its National Lemon Cupcake Day
The USA protects our rights of freedom of religion, speech and more
The 15th we honor and respect these rights on Bill of Rights Day

We're just halfway through and this is getting long
This is fun, but some are missing, so here we go again
The 16th is sweet and gives you permission...
it is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day!

December 17th is sticky sweet its National Maple Syrup Day
Then bake and roast on the 18th to celebrate Bake Cookies Day
Take out the cookies and put in a pig it's also Roast a Suckling Pig Day
Who comes up with all of these crazy days anyway?

The 19th go out and Look for an Evergreen Day, how fun
Then come inside and eat again as Oatmeal Muffin Day it is
Practice your scales and warm up your voices
Go Caroling Day is the 20th grab some friends and go

December's Solstice celebrates Life and astral changes
Four more things come on the 21st
its Humbug Day and Look on the Bright Side Day;
National Flashlight Day and Forefathers Day (Pilgrims Day)

National Nut Bread Day, a favorite of some, is on the 22
Festuvus for the rest of us, is on Roots Day December 23rd
The 24 is Christmas Eve but also a couple more
It's National Chocolate Day and National Egg Nog Day too

The 25th is a Holy Day for Christians around the World
On Christmas Day Christ was born so we Celebrate His Birthday
On this night the Angels came singing of His Love
Jesus message is of Peace, Love, and Compassion for all

The 26th is Boxing Day, St. Stephen's Day, for Charity and good will,
and the start of Kwanzaa: A celebration of Family, Community and Culture
Some people like it & others make fun, but the 27th is National Fruit Cake Day
The 28th is Card Playing Day so relax and have fun

Let's spice things up with Pepper Pot Day on the 29th.
Then comes the 30th which follows the 29th well
It's National Bicarbonate of Soda Day
Now I know there are more all around this globe

But I'll end with what I have on The last day of the year
Unlucky Day is celebrated I guess as is Make Up Your Mind Day
and also on this the 31st day, New Years Eve where old becomes young
Have a Joyous, Safe and Happy December whatever the day

Love and light, Nina P

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Fabric of Love

The Fabric of Love

Two people come together
From different walks of life
Each one has a path
That carry both joy and strife

As hearts began to beat
They search out each other
Two parts make one whole
While learning about another

Weaving with Compassion
A Love that runs so deep
To make our fabric strong
Forgiveness we must keep

Love can last forever
If we learn to communicate

Fully Loving one another

Each new day is a first date

Life it brings its trials

Its' patterns make us strong

The journey is much sweeter

When we bring Love along

Two hearts beat together
We walk along our way

Interlacing fingers
Encouraging come what may

Love it is the answer

With it you cannot fail

Show Compassionate forgiveness

Together on your trail

Celebrate with passion
The soul that lives in you

Sew everything with Love

In all you say and do

Together life's a journey
With valley, twist and turn

Heading for the mountain top

Through Faith and Love you learn

So on this day together
Stand at the top and see

The beauty you've created

Love's journey can always be

Focus on where you are
And where you want to be

The past we cannot change

The future we've yet to see

Individual strands of Love
Knitting patterns every day
When Pure Love's the Weaver
You fabric's strong in every way

written with Love and Light
by Nina Pauline

My mother is a wonderful seamstress, knitter, baker, cook, and all around do it yourself kind of person. She carries so much Love inside it shows in all she does. She enjoys quilting and has made wonderful creations for: friends, family, various charity auctions, and a few for people on request. She truly puts Love in every stitch. These are but a few of her lovely creation, she's done hundreds but I, unfortunately, don't have pictures on my computer of them.

Thank you Mom for all your dedication and love you are truly one of God's Angels here on earth.

I just read an update of Clytie. The power of Healing Thoughts and Prayer do work. Her sister Beth has her update here:
Thank you God, Your Light always Shines, showing the way out of the darkness.