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Friday, July 10, 2009


(This was my Steady Light of Hope the other morning)
Going through an old thought for the day I came across this one that unfortunately, sometimes hits home.

When illness strikes, loneliness, despair, pain, hurt, death, fear, etc….. Find your


“No Matter how dark the situation, let me always hold on to the steady Light of Hope.”
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When I’m right in the thick of things, my darkest moments, my deepest despair; it seems impossible to find a steady Light of Hope. All you see is darkness. No windows, no doors, just deep sorrow, loss, despair, pain, loneliness, fear…. How can they say there’s even a glimpse of hope let alone a steady Light of Hope?

A lot of twelve step programs say you have to hit bottom before you can start the healing. Sometimes, that’s all too true. When your down and out and you can’t get any lower, you have to look up to see the rim of the gutter….. And there it is….Look Up! … When all seems hopeless/darkest and the pain is so deep it hurts; your chest physically aches, that’s when you begin to crawl… reaching for whatever you can grasp…. , and you reach up to grab the rim of the gutter… all the sudden your on your knees… looking up. That’s the coal warming. When all that comes out is “God /Universe/Devine why, how, where, stop…Please!??” That raw guttural plea turns into a prayer of desperation. It’s in that asking for deliverance that healing can begin. That dark coal in your heart starts to warm and glow. The ember starts to take hold. Your hand reaches up to grasp Hope. It’s then that things begin to change. Once the “prayer” or “cry” of desperation is uttered, there’s no going back. Coal may take a while to warm and glow but its fire heats deep and its glow lasts long and can be seen through the darkness.

In the darkest dungeon, there is a glimmer of Light when they slide nourishment towards you. There is companionship in the quiet mouse that visits you every night. There is communication with the cricket that sings to you. All these small Steady Lights of Hope are around you even in your darkest dungeon. Look around see, feel, taste, touch, hear the heart beat of life, of Hope in the silence of despair. You are not alone. The Great Creator puts these unassuming beacons to guide us, to be with us even in our darkest days.

Focus on the glimmer of Light. Find comfort in the companionship around you. Listen to the songs of nature, taste the cool water that washes over you, easing pain. Touch the healing hand reaching down.
Reach up to the Light. Look up and see the steady Light of Hope beaming down on you. You are not alone.
That comforting smile from a nurse; that warm cup of tea/coffee being offered; the driver that motions for you to go ahead of them; that unexpected coin you find on the ground; the neighbor that waves good morning to you; the sunshine that warms your face; the breeze soft as an angel kiss cool on your cheek; the coo of a newborn baby; the chirp of a bird; the unconditional love given by your most precious pet; the list is endless for examples of the “Steady Light of Hope”. We may not recognize them at first when we are in our deepest darkest place, but they are there: ever present, always waiting for us.

Focus on the Lights that are around you and the darkness and shadows will fade. For up above the darkest clouds lies a Bright and Glorious Universe of Light. A Light so bright that it will fill your soul with Love and Peace. A Light of many colors creating a glorious Healing Rainbow of Hope. Reach Up and take the Hand of Love and you will find your Steady Light of Hope.

May you find healing and comfort even in your darkest situations. May you hold on to your Steady Light of Hope and find Peace and understanding. May your dark clouds lift giving way to the Healing Rainbow of Hope.
Love and Light, Nina P.

Monday, July 6, 2009

View From The Mountain Top

View from the Mountain Top
When you view life from your darkest side
It's self destruction there
Just look around when in this place
You see misery and despair
Even in your darkest place
Look deep within your heart
You'll see a staircase hiding there
Calling for you to start
Go on and move out of your cell
Into the stairway bright
This task it seems so hard for you
As it's darkness that you fight
Deep inside you know you must
Step up and take a chance
Fight shadow demons in yourself
And slay dragons with your lance
Take that upward step and see
The dragon you now defeat
From this vantage point you'll see
His dark mound now at your feet
Turn your head and see the stairs
A pathway of glimmering Light
Take the rail and grab a firm hold
Step up, out of your plight
These steps are long and very steep
But to you, they do call
The Light ahead your focus now
Will shield you from a fall
At each new height just look around
See life outside of you
The stairs they call; to climb the climb
But can you make it through?
When looking down try not to stare
Only look how far you've come
See the victories that you've made
And you've only just begun
So grab on tight and up you go
The darkness it does wine
At each step your heart it beats
stronger with the climb
As you look around each step
The dawning; a new way
The Son upon the horizon now
Turning darkness into day.
As you climb the Son it follows
Cool breezes through your hair
Just look around and you will see
Great beauty oh so fair
Take a look above your head
While you're looking out
Each step has brought such courage
To see what life's about
The Light is bright and now you see
Such beauty all around
Each step was hard as you look back
And see darkness on the ground
And yet those shadows brought you to
Where you are right here
The struggles that you overcame
Help make Now, seem so dear
The beauty here is oh so grand
The top is in your reach
You'd like to stay and bask in it
But each stair has more to teach
Each view more precious than before
The darkness just a shadow
Experience adds depth and meaning
Its upward you must follow
As you reach the mountain top
The view is oh so grand
And when the steps seem shaky
Just hold on to the Great One's hand
The view up here is worth the journey
What more can I say
When hardships come just look at them
And continue on your way
Life it has so many distractions
That keep us from our climb
Stay focused on the Mountain Top
The View is worth it; Every Time.
Written with Love and Light
by Nina P. 7-5-09