Thought For Today

Sunday, June 21, 2009

on Being Different!

Thought for Today:
Today I will enjoy the fact that we are all different.

We are all uniquely human! How wonderful is that? In a day of “knock off” clothes, toys, etc…, we are a one and only one of a kind! Twins, triplets, etc… that’s still OK, no “knock offs” there either; you’re unique as well.

We are all different, each of us has a place that only we can fill. Imagine a rainbow, a flower, or a sky with only one color… Kind of bland wouldn’t you think? Instead we have so many colors its hard to see them all. Like human kind, we are different. I may have blue eyes, limp a little and need to loose some weight; you may have dark hair, dark eyes, and wear a prosthesis; yet someone else may have a curved spine or missing limb; someone has cancer, disease or is crippled; and someone else is without external blemishes… It takes all of these differences to make a wonderful masterpiece called human kind.! We are each brush strokes in this wonderful painting called Life. Without you the painting would not be complete. Without each of us, with all our differences, there would be a gap, a hole in the world, the universe.

I want to thank you for being you. For being different from me, from your neighbor, from the person across the globe. You are here to complete the Masters mural of life. Sit back today and take a look. People watch if you can. If you can’t see, then just sit back and listen to all the melodious sounds around. Can’t hear than touch everything, feel the Master’s sculptures around you. Concentrate on the differences; then imagine life with only one texture, one shape, one smell, one color, one sound,…..ummmm …. Not very exciting is it?….

Now go and celebrate all the differences we have. Enjoy the symphony of life, the sound of rain falling, the warmth of the sun, the Rainbow after the storm, the taste of fresh spring water, the scent of life, a newly mown lawn, a barbecue, a flower, etc… Enjoy Life!! Enjoy today!! Enjoy each other, those close by and those across the sea. We are many hues and brush strokes in this Glorious Masterpiece called Life!

Now go Celebrate all that is different and Enjoy your Life!

Love and Light,
Nina P


Leandra Greenmoon said...

I shall definitely try! but its hard to love life sometimes...anyhow I just popped by to thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog, it really means alot to me that anybody takes the time to read my poetry.

Nina P. said...

Leandra, I agree, It is hard to love life sometimes. Sometimes it's almost impossible... If you look at a painting, or listen to music, or feel a sculpture, you see shadows/dark lines, you hear the bass beat of a drum or the lonely eerie sound of a bassoon, or maybe you feel the deep fissures in a sculpture. Each area of "darkness" gives depth to the masterpiece. Our lives are outlined by negativity, we can't escape it. It is part of life... If I try not to focus on those dark lines, deep negative places, I begin to see the colors, hear the melody, feel the detailed contours of life. I acknowledge the negative dark feelings/situations but I choose not to focus on sitting in that dark room. Instead, I try to focus on the glimmer of light under the door or out the window. Grey skies are all around us yet up above them lies a glorious light of the sun; A universe full of life beyond imagination. It's not easy, but for me, I try to focus on the "Light" rather than the dark parts of life. We all have both. At first it was very hard to focus on that Light it seemed just a shadow, but once I started trying, actually looking for it every day... it began to grow!! and today, my focus goes easily to the things of the Light. Keep looking Leandra, keep writing. You are filled with emotion and are a wonderful part of the universe. Your "Light" shines out through the shadows, and I see its glimmer shining through. You are a talented soul, keep writing, keep sharing, keep believing, keep being gloriously different.... Love and Light to you my blogger friend. Nina P.

Clytie said...

Oh Nina P. you did it again! How do you find the soul, the beautiful words to express it? You wrap those words around your readers like a warm blanket, fresh from the sunshine. You inspire not just me, but all who read your work.

I go now to celebrate diversity!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes Nina.. We are all different and unique... We NEED to celebrate those who are not like us instead of trying to change them to be like us. My BFF drives me crazy sometimes because she asks for my advice and then goes right back to her old ways. BUT--I love her because she is different and unique.

They say that opposites attract. And I will say that my hubby and I (although we have alot of the same interests) are very different personality-wise. You know---Mars and Venus types!!!! ha

Great post. We all need to keep hearing this over and over throughout our lives!!!!