Thought For Today

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Fathers Hands

There is nothing like Father’s hands
They have a story to tell

To see the Love inside his heart
Look down at his great hands

I see the strength and tenderness
Then I remember when…

Those hands that now might sit quite still
Have done so many things

Those big hands so firm and strong
Softly held his newborn baby

Don't look too close, they shake a bit
While holding his new Joy

Later on for these great hands
They tickled a tummy so soft

They goochie goochie gooed and zeezled
Finding laughter in those hands

They held on tight and didn’t let go
When as toddlers we learned to walk

Then outstretched encouraging hands
As we tried running on our own
On my first 2 wheeler were steady hands
Balancing as I peddled fast

When I looked back to see the hands
They were clapping with such pride

They held my back when I learned to float
And helped me time my swing

Those hands would “push me higher Dad”
And take fishes off my line

His hands they brought me forward
And guided me to now

I remember them soft and tender
And also firm and hard

They clapped, shushed and reprimanded
Always encouraging with Love

Those hands held mine, I feel them now
I miss them yes I do

For Father’s hands are special
They speak his silent words

Happy Fathers Day Dad
Your hands guide me still today

6/20/09 Written with Love and Light;
by Nina P.


Clytie said...

A day is coming soon when my own dear father will fly away to heaven, leaving his now arthritis-crippled hands behind. When that day comes, I will re-read THIS poem. Again and again. I can't tell you, Nina P., how much your blog means to me. Everything you write hits home to my heart. I laugh, I cry, I feel at peace. I can't say thank you enough.

Nina P. said...

Thank you Clytie for your kind words. This came flooding to me this morning and as my hand was writing fast, loving tears streaked down my face, as I remembered my father.
I hope this brings loving memories for those with fathers to be, fathers present and fathers past...
Love and Light, Nina P

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Absolutely gorgeous poem, Nina. My sweet Daddy died in 1969---and I still miss him. He was SO special to me.

Hope you have a wonderful Father's Day.

Wendy said...

That's beautiful, Nina. I can see your Dad was very special to you. Mine was not. He left our upbringing to Mom. But now that he's gone (11 years this summer), I feel his love. We can now have a relationship in Spirit.
Sounds weird, doesn't it?

Happy Father's Day to all fathers.