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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Create Love

Thought for Today:
If I learn to create love in my heart and silently share it with everyone I meet, Love will grace every corner of my life.

How true is this. If we can only find it in ourselves to Love ourselves, Love life, Love each other,….just Love. Let it fill every part of you, show Love, be Love….

Remember the feeling of being on cloud 9? Maybe it was a crush or first love… Maybe it was that gift you always wanted…Maybe it was going on that vacation of a lifetime… Your first pet…. Basking in the Light under the cool shade of a tree watching clouds go by…. We’ve all felt it at least once, that unstoppable excitement in the soul, that energy, that Love of/for life… Everything was possible… Nothing can stop us… It’s an amazing feeling!.. Whatever it was, remember how everything seemed right!?!

No one could take that feeling away from you. You walked a little higher, smiled a little broader, no one could break that inner “cloud 9” glow. You want to know something? It was contagious… That Love you had so great inside, exploded outside and no matter who or what you touched, it was affected by it!! That Light inside touched a spark in everyone and everything around you!

Love, is an inside job. True Love for Life, for Spirit, for God, Love for ourselves and another, it fills the soul and can’t be contained! It’s like trying to hide a powerful flashlight that’s turned on… you can’t. You can try putting your hand over the light to hide it’s glow; (We’ve tried this as children. If not, go try it now! Find a flashlight, turn off the lights and try to hide the glow with your hand..) The light is so powerful it shines through your hand, through you.

The Light glows through you and makes you glow too!! You’re alive with the Light; it’s changed and you can’t hide it. It glows!

If you are filled with Love, your inner Light shines, as a matter of fact…. It Glows! You can’t hide it, you can’t contain it. You can’t keep it to yourself, it’s impossible.

Have you ever sat next to a stranger yet feel the joy they bring? They don’t have to say one word, you just know and feel their glow. All the sudden you’re smiling, or laughing, or just feeling better for just having been near that person.

Create Love in your heart and silently share it with everyone!! Be “that” person, fill your heart and soul with the Light of Love. You will find that when people come up they’ll see and feel the Love and Joy, the Positive Energy around you, and smile. Watch as they walk by,.. their step is a little lighter, their face a little less stressed… God works in wondrous ways! The power of Love is unstoppable, it will grace every corner of your life.

May you be filled with Love and may you glow with inner Light that shines today and always filling every corner of your life.

Thank you all for sharing your glow, your Light, your Love with me and making my day a little brighter, my step a little quicker, my smile a little broader… You are truly a gift to me and others.
Love and Light, Nina P


Jan said...

This a Love-ly, inspiring post. We can never be reminded too often to return to the Love that we are. To BE the Love that we are. The world (and the collective ego) can pull us out of that perfect framework for living so easily! I appreciate the reminder. Blessings!

Clytie said...

I am caught by your description of how to spread love "silently" by just being full of the glow. You will never know how far that glow spreads, just by you feeling it. Wow.

mamaof6 said...

Love this post. I really connected to how it feels like you can never come down off of cloud 9. It truly is impossible to stop that glow if I let myself stay up on that cloud. Thank you for sharing this post.

Beth Niquette said...

I love what you wrote. I often feel joy radiating from various people around me.

It is an unspoken jewel. I would like to spread that unspoken joy to others myself.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

As the tiny ripples in the water start small, then be heard around the world :)

Grannie Annie said...

Thank you for speading your love amongst us. Love never fails.

Many blessing ~ Deann

Nina P. said...

Thank you everyone for your kind and inspiring words.... You are all rays of Light and I thank you for the Love, Light and Joy your bring and share. Love and Light, Nina P.

Healingstones said...

Good thoughts. I believe in Love - always have, always will. There is no greater power. Love and light to you.

Denny Lyon said...

Hi, Nina, just love this quote:

"Love, is an inside job. True Love for Life, for Spirit, for God, Love for ourselves and another, it fills the soul and can’t be contained!"

You are so wise - and a delight to know!

Much love,


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Another great post, Nina. I will admit that I never knew what 'real' love was until I met George. I thought I loved my first husband--- but something just wasn't there from the beginning. We stayed together for 20 yrs. and had 3 wonderful sons. BUT--something was missing.

I was single for another 20 yrs. --and never thought I would get married again. Then I met George... Woooo--how my life changed. Our love was strong from the beginning--but just keeps growing every single day. I truly don't think that many couples have or share this kind of love with each other.

Because of our love, I am extremely happy----happier than I've been in my entire life. I wasn't ever this happy --and sometime I need to write my story.

I hope you feel my joy when reading my blogs. I truly am filled with love and happiness these days.

Thanks for a great post.

Nina P. said...

I am so thankful for the Love a Support from everyone. I also Love the Joy crated by great souls!! Love, Light and Happiness to all...