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Monday, June 22, 2009

Words Inside are Dancing

Like I've said in the past. Sometimes I just have to grab pen and paper and it's as if someone else is writing... This came so fast this morning, I had to grab a pen and the back of whatever was in front of me and jot it down... Talk about Random!!! :-D Whew!....
Oh well... I share it here anyway....

Words Inside are Dancing

Words fly across the page; Dark lines dancing by

First a funny jig; Then mixed in with a waltz

Words come in my mind; As music from the soul

Words are painting pictures; Though I can not draw

The paper fills up quickly; As the words keep dancing by

The music is internal; Illuminating from Light and Love

The image that I’m painting; Comes flooding in like thunder

Yet the flow is rapid; The music can’t be stopped

Spring, Summer, Fall; Give way to Winters cold

Yet every season too must come; To be a part of life

Today my thoughts are abstract; Yet to someone may make sense

I can not stop the flow; Of this almighty pen

So dance your inner dance; And feel your song inside

Your music’s just beginning; the tune is yours unique

Paint your life so full; With things that fill your soul

Go look outside and see; All the glories that there are

Then paint your song; And sing your pen and dance your inner dance

It’s love and Light that guide me; From thought to ink to paper

And then into your life I send; These words in random order

This must be my Picasso; Abstract in thought I paint;
I sing this song on paper; With ink and pen create;
These words inside are a dancing

Written with Love and Light,
By Nina P. 6/22/09

Since this poem is so random and abstract... I'm sending out a random heart!! I found it on line in the local newspaper section of photo's. I can't find it again to give proper credit :-(

Either way, the photographer caught an amazing "wild" heart....

I found the pgotographer!!! cheychey37 can be found @


Clytie said...

I love the way you put "random" and "order" in the same breath. Without random there could be no order and without order there could be no random.

PS - LOVE the random heart!!!

Nina P. said...

Thank you Clytie. I'll admitt when I saw it I imeditly thought of you and your hearts!! :-D Love and Light, Nina P

Jan said...

This is a wonderful flow of heartfelt words. They touched me so. I am so glad you listened to the Muse who urged you to write them down NOW! So often we wait or second guess ourselves. Or doubt that what we are about to write will be alright...enough...make sense. This is a perfect testimony to listening to the voice of our heart... Blessings to you.