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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lessons from a Broken hand....

We've all had one of those days where you just think you should be somewhere else, farther along, etc...
Well this morning was one of "those" days for me... only to be turned around by my hand therapist..... (My injury is healing in its time; not mine, and frustrating more than anything.)
I count my blessings every day, and Pray and send Healing to those less fortunate... here's my turn around day....

Lessons From A Broken Hand
I had a bout of energy
To get out side and walk
I took the dogs and off I went
To walk my very talk
Got'em ready and “We’re off!”
For me the race did start
Walking fast for this ol’ broad
Happy dogs were walking smart
Walking by I say “Hello!”
To an old neighbor gent
Heard a noise and turned my head
Mistake!! as down I went
A crunch and splat is what I heard
Oh my, what did I do?
I turn on over and then look up
8 paws, 4 eyes say “just look at you”
I sat on up and looked around
To hear, “why miss are you all right?”
I lied to him and said “why yes”
As if I did this every night
It was 2:30 on march 15th
The day of my swan dive
A day I still remember
As to make a fist I strive
10 weeks in a cast and now PT
I work out every day
This morning she asked me how I was
“Very sore” I said with dismay
“I’m NOT where I want to be
And it just hurts. What can I do?”
She looked at me and then she said
“It takes time , I’ll work with you”

“Look not where you think you should be
But rather, how far you’ve come”
Deep down I think I knew this
But today I was just that dumb
An easy road’s not promised
It may take a horse and plough
The joy is in the journey
Is what I remember now
But every step is worth it
As we reach for rainbow skies
A changing of perspective
Turns doubts and fears to lies
From where I was to where I am
I’ve come leaps and bounds
I just needed a reminder
Lift my head and look around
I now can use 2 hands to type
And can even tie my shoe
For these little mountains I climb
I Thank God that I can do
The healing is in my mind
As much as in my hand
For I needed that reminder
I’ve come far despite the sand
Try walking up a mountain
Sifting sand under your feet
Each step ahead slides back a bit
Yet a forward motion you keep
I thank my therapist today
My catalyst in rhyme
With Faith we can move mountains
One fistful at a time
Written with Love. Light and Hope; by Nina P.


mamaof6 said...

The words 'the joy is in the journey' ring so true. Love how you can turn an upset into reaching for rainbow skies. Beautiful.

Loved the photo also. So fitting.

Nina P. said...

Thank you mamaof6 as your post was the inspiration for me to share my little "story/poem"... I really am a positive soul... but... alas, get descouraged and need a little reminder once in a while... more and more...the reminders or pushes are lighter and lighter to get me back on track...How great is the Light of Hope! Thank you for being one of my little reminders... Love and Light, Nina P.

Clytie said...

I too love how you can take a seemingly negative event and turn it into a beautiful journey of the soul. Thank you for sharing ... I know I will be thinking of you and praying for your swift recovery.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Nina... I'm sorry to hear about your fall and broken hand. I fell last week also--first time in years and years. I stepped off the curb --and went down on my face. Luckily, no injuries--other than my pride.

Your writing is supurb!!!! Keep it up.

Nina P. said...

Thank you Clytie and Betsy for your kind words and healing prayers and wishes. Thank goodness it was my left hand. It's better every day I just have to remember baby steps.. I still make typo's with the left hand but even that's getting better.. :-) Thank you for reading my writings and encouraging me on... I too love your works, they bring smiles to my heart. Love and Light, Nina P.