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Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Story

This came flooding in today. I think I have so many young friends going through tough times (tween and teens) right now, I felt the need to share this little piece of me.
Sometimes young people don't realize other people might have fears and negative, depressive thoughts too. I know when I was younger I didn't. And, although I came from a very loving, caring family, I felt I couldn't share this "secret" I was holding on to. My family had nothing to do with it, this secret was an inside job.... It was me who couldn't or wouldn't share it. I was afraid...
I see my young friends struggling with life and having the same questions as I did. "Who am I?, Why am I here? What is my purpose? Where do I fit in? Why?" I'll admit I didn't have the violence these kids face in the inner city life they have, we didn't have the 2012 scare (which I will share my thoughts on in a later post..), etc...but, the questions about life and self still remained today....
And, just like I wasn't alone (even though I felt I was), I want people to know they're not alone either and it's OK to share their fears, demons, hopes, questions.....
Here's my story.... (at least so far. I still am finding new roads to travel!!)

My Story

Just about a year ago
I was told to: “tell my story to myself”

“Then look at it and share it too
Get it off that old dark shelf”

“Look back”; he said, “and you will see
What needs to come on out”

I looked at him and saw 2 heads
What on earth was he talking about?

It’s only now that time has past
I know what I must do

Share a piece of my darkest self
With the one and only you

So here I take a breath
And say a little prayer

That the sharing of my story
Will bring Light and not despair

I went on back inside my head
To my earliest memory

Of shadows, shapes and scary things
That where inside of me

I had such terrors in the night
I remember them today

Shadowy shapes; “their after me!"
“Come help me!” I would say

Next thing I remember
I was held in tender hands

Wake up dear it’s only a dream
Was my Mom’s commands

A little milk and I’d wake right up
And I just realized this now

I still love milk as much today
And have a relationship with cows!

Now back to my old feelings
Of how I didn’t fit in

I’d look around and see others play
I would join in and grin

But deep inside I didn’t feel
Connected with the rest

My feeling was I didn’t fit
Though I always tried my best

I was always a “big girl”
A bit on the “husky” side

Usually last to be picked
When the captains did decide

A square peg I felt I was
Out side a big round hole

No one knew my secret
To them I was all whole

I wasn’t always nice
To my sisters and their friends

I was jealous of how easily they seemed
To laugh and play until days end

My brothers for some reason
We played and did not fight

My little sister too
Was my ray of Light

I loved my family dearly
Do not misunderstand

Inside I felt so different
An outsider in this land

I kept my secret hidden
No one new my plight

How could I share this secret?
I was filled with such great fright

The story goes a little deeper
Before it comes out strong

Just bear with me a while
I promise it won’t be long

My teen years came with such confusion
As most teen years do

What is life? Why am I here?
My demons came right through

I don’t want you to think
My life was so depressed

I laughed and played and had such fun
It’s inside my head that was a mess

I don’t know why I felt like this
I guess that’s part of it

To me, I was the only one
That didn’t feel I fit

Feeling different I had such doubts
Mother Nature made a mistake

I dreamed it in my dreams
And felt it when awake

I had a revelation
When my mind was totally low

I had to make a decision
To live or just let go

It took a little while
While I lived inside my head

Outside all you would see
Is the happy, not the dread

In the darkness of my mind I saw
The Light under the door

To open the closet and see what’s there
Or stay and say no more?

Something stirred and so I took
A teeny, tiny step

Towards the door I crawled
Not feeling any pep

Each step I took came closer
To whatever lied beyond

Do I grab the handle and turn?
Do I leave my darkness bond?

I slowly gained the courage
To peek out into the Light

At first afraid to look
Slowly pushing off the fright

My life became so open
As I stepped outside to see

I saw a road not traveled
Could that road be for me?

I took a step so small
You might not have seen me move

But I know deep down inside
It was for me, I had to prove

Each step defined me more
Still different from the rest

But now I know the Light is mine
And for that I am ever Blessed

For each and every one of us
Must find their own way out

Just look out from that corner
And even give a shout

Chase back those dark, dark fears
A deep, deep breath, do take

Stand tall and keep the courage
Just a baby step; do take

For on the other side of darkness
There is a Great, Great Light

Through the ups and downs it will guide you
With Love and such great Might

And when grey skies come calling;
Look beyond the rain and see

That Rainbow of Hope is there for all
Even you and me

I celebrate my differences
And share this piece of me

For if it helps one person
That’s all that needs to be

And even if that person
Is only my true self

Than this story is still worthy
To keep off my inner shelf

Written 6/21/09
With Hope, Love and Light
By Nina P.



A BIG THANK YOU for visiting my blog and your comments :)
Thanks also for these great words and for being so concerned about young teens/people . The world needs more loving person's like YOU.
Have a good good day .....

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Nina---Praise God that you learned to deal with your inner fears. Like you are doing, you need to share this with young people out there today who feel the same way.

We've ALL got stories to tell and even those of us who have had wonderful lives have some 'demons' in our lives. I am the happiest person in the world now--but that was not always the case.

Thanks so much for sharing, Nina. Now---get out there and share with others. Maybe you should volunteer at some camps, etc. this summer. Just a thought!!!


Clytie said...

I think you understand where these young people are coming from don't you? I admire that. I have teenage daughters who seem so alien sometimes. Or maybe it's me who is alien. Their world is different than the one I grew up in, and my goodness the 2012 thing is HUGE for them. I appreciate your poem. How hard it is to face, understand and attempt to conquer those feelings and fears ...

Nina P. said...

For about 10 years I did a "kids" camping weekendweek every summer. It was mainly my nieces and nephews and a few other "kids" (up to 20 at a time) We had so much fun and I learned so much staying up with them talking around the campfire. No topic was "taboo". I felt I needed to learn from them and well I can only hope they learned a little from me. I have 3 boys/young men ages 9-17 that I've befriended and well... I hear their fears and concerns about life and their futures. Then I remembered tlaking with a man named Joe who said I needed to write my story... I didn't know what on earth he meant until early today... It hit me like a ton of bricks.. Share my story of "secrets" and coming out into the Light. Once I started... It kept going... :-D God does work in mysterious ways... and all in His time too... Thank you all for your kind words. I'm Blessed to have a Light Spirit fill my heart today. Love and Light to all.

Leandra Greenmoon said...

my goodness you write such long poems! but well worth the time to read methinks, such an amazing poem, so inspiring! thank you so much for your comments on my blog you are far too nice to me..but the gesture is sincerely appreciated..truly. I'd best be going, but in answer to your question, no the pictures with my poems are found on the internet (what would i do without google image! :P) though there are a few photos and a drawing by me on the blog somewhere!

Leandra Greenmoon said...

I have come to the decision I need to use exclamation marks less...:P

Beth Niquette said...

I can identify with so much of what you've written here. How very inspiring.

Tammie Lee said...

It is my sense that many people have felt feelings and fears you have expressed in this poem. So lovely and brave of you to share!