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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We need your Help!!! Highland’s Pink Glove Video

I have worked at Highland Hospital in Rochester, NY for 30 years and you can't find a better place to work or a better group of people to care for you. We had so much fun doing this.

Enjoy watching it and if you can, Please log in and vote for us!! :-) Thank you!

Voting for Highland’s Pink Glove Video Begins Today!

RUN and Cast your vote for our hospital’s entry – and ask your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues to do the same!

The background: In August and September, more than a thousand Highland people teamed with breast cancer patients and survivors to create an inspirational Pink Glove dance video. The first Pink Glove video was created in November 2009 by Oregon’s Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. Shot like a music video, hospital physicians and employees – wearing pink gloves to symbolize breast cancer advocacy – performed fun and simple dance routines to support the cause.

Highland has created a video that captures the spirit of our hospital and our community. And we entered our video in a national contest sponsored by Medline, creator of the surgical pink gloves worn in the video.

Now, the moment we’ve been working for and waiting for is finally here – the national Pink Glove video competition is LIVE!

Please Help fight Breast Cancer and all Cancers and diseases... If you are financially able, please donate to your local organizations. and for everyone... please send healing thoughts and prayers to all those suffering for breast Cancer or any illness. Blessings to you and yours. And thank you for your votes and passing this link on to any and all you would like... Thank you!

Love and Light,
Nina P


septembermom said...

Nina, this is such an important post for everyone to read. I will do my best to help this effort. Thank you.

Nina P. said...

Thank you!!! Thank you!! Thank You!!! Highland is such a wonderful caring place to work. We had such a fun time doing this. Very little practice but a lot of HEART!
This is such a good cause and what a wonderful creative way to faise awareness. I was "lucky" enough to make the local paper so this ol' smile has been shown around. I thank you "Septermbermom" for all your support. We are neck and neck for first place with a large institution in SC. As I said, we are a small community Hospital in Rochester, NY... with a BIG HEART!
Blessings to you and yours, and as always, Love and Light. Nina P

Clytie said...

Nina ... I watched this wonderful video and was in tears before I got halfway through. I am not one to cry often, only when I am extremely moved. Your little community hospital has HEART indeed.

On a "small world" note - both my (ex) mother-in-law and sister-in-law worked at Providence St. Vincent in Portland at the time of the first video ... and it is indeed the hospital I was at last month for the antioplasty after my heart attack. Small world, eh?

Bless you and the wonderful people at your hospital. Now that my tears are drying up, I will go vote!!!

Nina P. said...

Oh Thank You!!! and yes, your hospital is the one that started it all!! We fell in love with it and yes, our hearts at Highland are Big.. that's why I've worked there for 30 years now... oops giving away my age. will be (52 this 12/17... and am proud to be here counting my blessings) I continue to hold you and yours in my healing thoughts and prayers. Many Blessings, Love and Light Nina