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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Morning Fog

Morning Fog
Night lifts its sleepy head
Fog, a blanket drawn
Darkness lingers just a bit
As night turns into dawn

Shadow hues of black and gray
Contemplations strong
Hidden thoughts of the past
Will they linger long?

There's a shift as light it stirs
Colors on the ground
Greens stand as sentry guards
Water central with no sound
Staring at the hazy view
Transfixed on what we see
A pallet changing all its color
As we awake and be
Fairy tales are in this place
Misty silence; contemplate
Reflecting on the stream of Life
And the paths we take


 Past  to present stories told
But what does lie ahead?
Through the mist a river bends
Is there hope or dread?
With fearful eyes and lack of hope
Color loses its hue
Stand firm in Truth and the Light
Darkness leaves only dew
Thoughts of Love, Hope and Light
The colors they do change
Watching the fog as it lifts
See colors rearrange

With faith and Love in your heart
Possibilities can come true
Opening up your hearts and minds
Imagination takes its hue
So lift the fog that blinds the soul
The Light; it shines and warms
Colors change within the heart
As Love takes many forms
Next time you see a foggy stream
Watch the shadows lift
Reflect on Life with Love and Light
And open up your gift.
written with Love and Light by Nina Pauline Ploetz 9/24/2011


Stoneweaver said...

Lovely misty photos!

Leandra Greenmoon said...

Hi Nina, I've just checked my blog after whats been at least a year, probably more and saw that you'd dropped by so I just thought I'd say hi and compliment your lovely poem! I do still write, not as much as before though, I'm considering doing some more blogging...but I'm almost in year 12 now so I'm not sure. Hope you're well :)

Granny Annie said...

Fog always attracts me and causes me to wonder.