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Friday, September 30, 2011

Choosing Your Path

 Choosing Your Path
Do I take the road that lies ahead or do I forge a brave new path?

Do I follow my heart to where it leads? Will I find Peace or wrath?
Choose to follow the road to Light, though it may twist and turn.
Walk your  path to Love and Light, and Together we can learn.
Follow your dreams towards Higher ground, walk in Angels hand.
And be the change you want to see, Across this earthy land.
Time will come when we'll see, all paths follow the same Light.
 God's has many names and forms,  yet has One Great Sight.
Let's unify this world we're in, and find the common ground.
For brothers and sisters  all are we, to see this just look around
We are more alike than we differ, open your senses and  know
We're all created in the Light;  all seeds  that God did sow

Each of us has a place on earth, and also a  place Above.
As One let's  walk on our paths and  Unite through Infinite Love.
 Written with Love and Light, by Nina P. Ploetz 9/30/2011


Clytie said...

I thank you, dear Nina, for the gentle beauty you bring to my life through your words, pictures, and your beautiful spirit. Thank you for the healing words and thoughts for me when I was so ill.

You continue to touch my heart and soul, dear friend.

Tammie Lee said...

quite lovely and inspiring Nina

Granny Annie said...

...and that has made all the difference.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nina, as usual most inspiring and full of hope. Always enjoy reading your "thoughts". The World needs a little more Light :) and you certainly bring that to all of us.

cheers !
Just the little ol' Tree maker

Nina P. said...

Thank you all for being my inspirations... You are all Blessings to me and to the world. I am honored to know you heart to heart. Many Blessings to you and yours always. Love and Light,
Nina P