Thought For Today

Friday, November 11, 2011


A day to remember
a day to forget
A day like no other
filled with the "yet"
Open like a flower
beauty to behold
each petal is different
each precious gold

One Love, One Light, One God
One eternity
All joining together
Learning to be
 Precious moments to share
With all those we love
Life's rainbow surrounds us
Gifts from above
Let hearts join together
Uniting as ONE
Come join me in teaching
Peace has begun
As common intentions
Join forces around
Conviction of purpose
Love can be found
Eleven, Eleven
Eleven again
One's standing together
As we all can

Forgetting our difference
Together is right
For that is the message
Join with the Light
The door is now open
This is the command
Love's always the answer
Walk hand in hand"
Written with Hope, Joy, Peace, Love and Light by Nina Pauline Ploetz 11-11-11


Granny Annie said...

This was the message in your poem:
"A day to remember
a day to forget
A day like no other
filled with the "yet""

Brilliant lines almost lost in the rest.

Clytie said...

Beautiful - I had to stop and read it twice, and I too was caught by the lines Granny Annie noticed!

Nina P. said...

Thank you Granny Annie and Clytie. This came rushing in as I was getting ready for work. it came so strong that I had to share it right away. First draft... so may still need edits.. but sometimes God gives me things to post right away.

many Blessings to you both. Love and Light, Nina P