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Sunday, April 17, 2011

See The Eyes Of God

 The world seems a bit crazy lately, wars, natural disasters, death...   We look for reasons and want answers. We want to fix, prevent, stop all of these things... Our hearts and minds race; our anxiety skyrockets... I say to you, find time to stop, that's right just stop yourself, your mind... and look... yep really look into a child's eyes.... They seem to have an answer that we, as adults forgot. A Knowing, a Trust, that there is someone greater than them taking care of things.... If you don't have a child then grab a magazine and find one of those heart felt photo's of a child.... and look deep within the will find there is so much more to life... for deep within those eyes, you will find LOVE.

We, as humans, need to take notice and stop what is in our control to stop.... heal, what is in our control to heal... and Trust that God is there All Knowing, All Seeing... Watching, Waiting, Encouraging His children to learn, through the hard lessons, learn from our own human mistakes, and remember what we seem to forget... We are all Children of God... Look into your neighbors eyes, a friends, an enemies, your own... truly look beyond our perceived human faults and prejudices... look deep within the eyes... to the core... it is there you will see the ONE heritage we ALL share.... The common thread of us all.... see the child of God looking back at you.... 
 Once you do this, see it feel it, you will never be the same... you will no longer be able to hold grudges, keep anger, resentments, you will no longer want to hurt or cause pain.... Love comes in and fills those old places of hurt and despair with  Forgiveness, Hope, Grace and Love. This will be the catalyst needed to start making changes first in ourselves, and then to heal the earth.... for if we have Love in our hearts and realize we are all Brothers and Sisters of the ONE Great Creator, we will re-connect with our ONE true Nature of unity with humanity, the earth and beyond. 

Blessings to you and yours my family.... for I look into your eyes and see our connection....

Love and Light,
Nina P

The poem below is a little different format, but that is how it came to me... a disjointed beginning smoothing out to  a unified ending....
(and yes, this photo was one I took of the full moon looking down through the clouds watching, waiting for us to once again realize we are whole, we are ONE, we are all Children of God...)

See The Eyes of God

At times life seems hard
We try to look for answers
And stumble in the dark

We want to fix what's broken
Our power is too weak
 Individuals that we are

Like a storm it keeps on coming
Make it go away!
Rain dampens the inner spark

Sometimes the pain's too much
We cannot even see
Why is God so far?

Through tearful eyes I wonder
A child's eyes peer up
Staring back at me

 There is Wisdom in these eyes
This child of the Light
Teaching me how to cope

The knowledge of the ages
The beauty of the now
A glimpse of God I see

It's the reunion of all Spirits
As I Look into the eyes
Filled with so much Hope

I see God's Love and Grace
Then the Understanding
Easing  shards of pain

It's then I see Eternity
In those eyes of Love
A silent conversation

A reflection of pure Love
 God's Loving  Child
Watered by the rain

The Light in the darkness
Shines for us to see
For every situation

So look into a child's eyes
See the eyes of God
Compassion is our goal

God's our Greatest parent
Holding with great care
Blanketing us with Love

Spirit fills these eyes
Where God and child abide
Light  and Infinite  soul

Life's about experiences
What a precious gift
That's sent from God Above

Written with Hope,  Love and Light
by Nina Pauline Ploetz 4-11to17-2011

So go and Look into a child's eyes..... See the eyes of God

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