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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Magnificent, Magical, Never Ending Adventures of Moo and me: Dragonfly

The Magnificent, Magical, Never Ending Adventures of Moo and me: Dragonfly
Moo and me were hanging around
Looking for something to do

I wiggled my toes and stretched a bit
"I'm out of idea's how about you?"

Moo thought a bit and licked his lips
Saying"How bout we do something special?"

I put up my hands saying"what do you mean?"
Moo sat with his legs like a pretzel

"Sometimes we can't travel the way we want
When we're tired and our legs don't work"

"Well I tried this once and its pretty cool
If I tell you... don't think I'm a jerk"

"You see the mind is a powerful thing
And we only use a small part"

"Just close your eyes and think real hard
Try using your brain and your heart"

"I don't get it Moo what do you mean?
You said something Special to me?"

"Hold on now Jack you'll find out soon
Follow me and listen... then you'll see"

Moo said to think hard of something we know
Or someone we'd like to meet

I thought of someone, or thing if you will
She had four wings and six feet

I told Moo he should see her too
He said"I goes"

And soon he said,"I see her Jack!"
"She's got a tail and a cute little nose"

"That's her! That's her! You see her too"
"MMoooo, she's cute! What is her name?"

Without moving my lips I thought a question
She answered my thoughts just the same

Everything was still as I heard, "Dragonfly Tut"
And I almost fell out of my chair

But how can that be, I didn't say a word
Are my thoughts more than thin air?

She tells me secrets of how to have fun
And help others without leaving my place

"You see", she says, "your thoughts have power
It goes beyond time and space"

If someones lonely or just needs a hug
You don't have to go very far"

"Just picture them in your mind's eye
You can see them without  even a car"

Think of me and my magical wings
Any thing's possible, you know what I mean?"

I thought of the lines of a dragonfly's wings
Especially the bright green ones I'd seen"

So now that I have this magical tool
I can visit without leaving my bed

All I have to do is think real hard
Using my heart and my head

I thanked Tut and had one question more
She answered and I smiled and waved

Moo and I said our good byes
Knowing, that's a memory to be saved

That night I laid in my bed awake
Thinking of all I could do

I stayed real quiet not wanting to wake
The sleeping, soft snoring Moo

So I used my brain and my heart
Thinking with all of my might

As soon as it came, I knew what to do
Then sleep took over the night

The next morning I asked Moo how he slept
"Heavenly" is what he said

"Did anything special happen in your dreams?"
He thought and then his smile spread

"I felt your hug and heard you laugh
I felt comfort and so much Love"

"It worked!", I said, "Dragonfly Tut was right!"
"She said to think and ask God Above"

"Anything good you feel deep in your heart
Will shine Light into another's soul"

"I wanted you to know how much you are Loved
That was my
head and heart's goal"

written with Prayers, Hope, Love, and Light
by Nina Pauline Ploetz 4/20 to21/2011

I am thinking real hard with my head and my heart, sending much Love and Comfort your way. Blessings to everyone at camp Jack and Kate... and all those who you've touched their hearts.

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LauraX said...

Nina this is so are a blessing for Jack and his family with your creative poem/stories!