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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Life's Ramblings...

Life’s Ramblings…
Written many years ago in the early dawn while camping by a lazy stream…

Life just keeps repeating… over and over… breeze after breeze… wave after wave…
like water chasing the shore… each ripple sounds alike…
The wind it rustles the leaves, sweet music in the air. A bird it cries in the distance, calling for rain. Squirrels chatter as they scurry along, playing with each other. A leaf falls by my head, no sound it makes at all. It catches my eye as it blows along. Into the rippling water it goes, riding the waves; up then down, then up again… it gently flows along.

A rock is there and changes things. The leaf it changes too. It stutters and then stops… a moment is all. Then waves, they carry it along. The stream flows on endlessly, or that is what it seems. With little effort it lilts along; it sounds so merrily. Wave upon wave it ripples on. The tune of Life it sings….

If only we could live as this, adapting all the time: A stream it never stops; it keeps flowing every day. Day by day it moves along taking things in stride.

Obstacles, like the rocks we see, sometimes we can’t get through. We push and push and push some more and yet there seems no change. We try again without much luck, whatever can we do?

The stream it teaches not to try to push the rock at all. For gently push and move aside; for now, just go around. With persistence as with change, both rock and water live.

The water keeps on moving by with gentle rippling licks. The rock it thinks it can not budge.; after all it is mighty strong… and Yet… look what happens over time… the rock, its had to change. For rippling water moved aside and continued on its way. It changed its course and compromised after touching the solid rock. The rock has stayed, but over time it’s showing sings of change. It’s edges smoothed as pieces felt the need to join the stream. For obstacles, like rocks, do change, they can’t withstand the waves. The repeating, rhythmic, rippling path has affect, and persuades the rock along.

If we try to be like the stream; water flowing, with life’s changes, we adapt to each and every obstacle we meet. Like the stream we to can flow, regardless what rock comes in our way. We forge ahead, we move on by, not stopping for too long.

For life you see repeats itself, the rocks, they always are. We must adapt and change a bit as we move along. The rocks sometimes will move or change, other times they never will.

Keep rippling like this stream, a never ending wonder.
Ramblings written with Love and Light by Nina P.

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Clytie said...

Very powerful! Very beautiful! Ah lady you have done it again -- made me stop and ponder. Thank you.