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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thought for the Day: Courage, Determination and Love

Fill every thought with determination, every step with courage and every word with love. from: Thought for Today

As newborns we rely on others to change our destination. Slowly we learn to move, to crawl to investigate the world around us; for it is a story yet untold. One day, with great determination, we take a tentative step, and then another, and another, trying to reach what lies ahead. With each step we gain confidence and courage to take another step. Soon we’re running without fear, investigating the wonders around us. We feel the Love and support of those around, encouraging us to keep going. With the Love and Light around us we seek knowledge and truth, walking , even running with Faith towards unknown adventures. We giggle with glee and express our excitement to others with overabundant Love and Joy! As little children we can’t wait to talk about our adventures and get others to watch us, or even join us. Remember reaching out to take someone’s hand and pull them along? “Come see!! I’ll take you…. See it’s not scary…. Look!!!” The excitement of these words are filled with such great Love, Courage and Determination.

As adults we can loose some of our enthusiasm and determination. We get sidetracked, procrastinate, turned around, and/or even fearful to take another step. Settling for mediocrity, we fall into a trap of hesitant starts and stops, of fear and insecurities, of self doubt and lack of motivation. We sometimes loose our love and excitement of and for life. We stagnate in the development of ourselves, of life, of Light, of love. We get stuck in the shadows and have fearful perceptions of what’s around us and what may be lurking ahead. Complacent with ourselves and our life, we can’t seem to see a way out so we trudge through blindly; in the dark.

If we look beyond the dark, beyond the shadows, there is a Light. It glimmers just ahead like the dawn of a new day. We can face the corners of darkness, or we can turn to the Light with wonder and excitement! “What is it? What will happen?” That little ember of Hope, that little Light becomes brighter. The darkness gives way to the Light and the Light continues to grow. The shadows fade and a world of wonder is unveiled: the warmth of the Son, the song of a bird, the soft breeze of an angel kisses your face. The Light shines deep and brightens even the darkest corners of resolve. A new world of Hope lies ahead. Your hand reaches up and says: “Take me, help me…. I want to see, feel, touch, explore….show me the way…” Feel the warmth in your hand gently guide you, encourage you, give you the strength to move forward… have Faith in the Light for it shines for us all. Let us once again open our eyes to see; open our hearts to feel; let go of our fears; learn to Love; learn to see the beauty around; and run again hand in hand with joy and excitement towards a glorious future.

May we once again find the wisdom of our childhood. The determination to take those first tottery steps out of the darkness. May we once again learn to run with courage towards the Son Light and the life we have in front of us. May we not look back at the darkness, the disappointments, sorrows or shortcomings; but instead, look towards the future with its rainbow of Hope. May we speak with Love and Light and may the son shine upon us warming us deep to the soul. May each day bring us a Spirit of wonder and Enlightenment and may we find true Peace and joy spreading it to all we meet and in all we do. May we once again take someone’s hand with Love and excitement and say; “ Come See!!… I’ll take you… See it’s not scary….Look!..” The Light shines for All. A hand is reaching down to you, take it and run with Courage, Determination and Love.

Written with Love and Light, by Nina P.

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