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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Road We Travel

This is the link to an amazing true story of Faith, Strength, Hope, Courage and Love. Holding on through a journey that would cripple many. Yet, through the tears, there is so much that comes through Love, so much that comes through Caring, We all have our journey, our road we travel....As humans we are prone to hang onto the why..... but as Souls we know that it is about the how... It is with that inner strength, wisdom, Faith, Grace, courage, Hope, Love, etc... that we follow our Guiding Light for however long it takes and through whatever hardships and joys..... We are all teachers, we are all student's..... we are ALL children of God.

.... If you want a glimpse of  God's eye's... Look into Jack's.... for All children favor their parents in some way or other...

His story is the inspiration for this post. 


When feeling lost and afraid
Look up and you will find
Many angels around your every side
So many of every kind

They cannot interfere with life
they are only there to guide
Each journey lived  has to be traveled
No matter how hard the ride

As humans it's hard to understand
Why some roads are so rough
It doesn't seem fair that this is the way
That  life should be this tough

Yet each of us is a precious soul
with our own road  to ride
Things we must learn and also teach
To all those on this side

God has a plan for each of us
That's perfect in its own way
Though it may not seem fair to us
It is Guided every day

It is with Faith that we get through
One moment at a time
Each breath we take, a precious gift
God's Grace; a perfect rhyme

We are travelers here on this earth
part of the Master's plan
Some day we will all understand
Every child, woman and man

We walk our paths as best we can
While we're here on earth
The ultimate Goal  is to learn and live
As we travel to rebirth

There is no end to Life you see
It's only a transition
From one form to another
At least that's my position

So live each moment so it's full filled
Let God and Angels guide
For the road we travel  never truly ends
We just change how we ride

Written with Hope, Love and Light
by Nina Pauline Ploetz 4/2/2011


Clytie said...

Oh Nina. You've touched my very soul with this beautiful poem. I am getting ready to go to a Memorial Service for a dear friend today ... who just last Sunday flew away to heaven. I was thinking what a hole he was leaving in my life, and your words bring me the comfort I need to say goodbye.

With happy tears I thank you.

miruspeg said...

Hello my friend!
Your words and photos warm my always.
I believe it is the definitely the journey that matters.
I feel my Angels are always by my side. They often make me laugh out loud as I stumble along my path.
Take care and big hugs.
Peggy xxxxx

septembermom said...

My soul is full after reading your wonderful words. You bring such peace and hope to your readers and friends. Thank you so much!

Granny Annie said...

Inspirational piece. Also great "thought for the day". Thanks Nina.

dana said...

I wish I truly felt that way. There was a time, but life has walked all over it...

Debra W said...

I just read your poem on Jack's page and it started the waterworks again. I feel so lost, so empty, so damn helpless for my sweet friends and knowing that they are being held up and supported by friends who have embraced them, THAT is a miracle to me. Your poem was so beautiful and I KNOW that it will comfort Jen, Steph and Gretchen during this very surreal, very painful time.

Thank you, thank you, dear one. You are such a beautiful soul.

Love and hugs,

Nina P. said...

This one came to me so hard and fast. I had just red a story of a young boy's struggle with a horrendous cancer, and his families strength, caring, compassion, Love and yes even Joy come out in their posts. Joy for the having whatever time they can with this amazing, beautiful child of God. Instead of surrounding him with protection and keeping him in a cocoon, they have been sharing his life and Light with others. Showing him all of God's Glorious world as best he is able and that they can. Jack's story is a story of strength, Hope, courage and most of all unending Love.

These words came with such strength, I did not change them, I just wrote and shared them as soon as I could.

They may not help all, but, as with the Blessing of knowing (or at least reading about) Jack and his waling in Faith hand and hand with God, I had to share it here as well.

We are all part of the Great Design. Each moment, each breath has its part in Life. We may not understand or know why, but it is not about the why me.... it is about looking beyond the me to see the Majesty around.
Blessings to you and yours. And may the Light shine through the darkness and give you courage, strength, knowledge Peace and Love, today and always.
Love and Light,
Nina P.