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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Journey

The Journey

God gives us each a road to travel
A journey that's all our own
No one knows how longs the path
Or how many seeds are sown

One thing's for sure each step  we take
Is watched from Above.
Be it long or short in human time
Moments are guided by Love

We do not know the twists or  turns
Or the length of the road
But we do know God Light's the Way
Guiding each path that's sowed

When life seems hard or even cut short
Go to the depth of your soul
It's there you'll find Infinite answers
As God sets our individual goal

We are eternal Souls; Spirits if you will
With a temporal experience here
Be it a moment in time or a life full  filled
Our  existence is what's dear
Many Teachers we meet as our paths cross
And so,  many lessons to learn
A loved one's  journey is not ours to walk
Yet, they are  our concern

Remember the Light that guides your way
Shines with Strength and Love
When we feel pain of suffering and loss
Follow the Light, and look above

It is there you'll find comfort and hope
As the stars remind us you see
That each short journey here on earth
Is a gateway to Eternity.

God created each and every one of us
and it's Love and Light he sends
"So live each day as if it is your last
And learn as if it never ends..."

Written with Love and Light,
by Nina Pauline 2/20/11with edits 3/29/2011

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Debra W said...

I needed to read this tonight. I needed to read it with an ache that cannot be diminished.

Thank you, again,