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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Magnificent, Magical, Never Ending Adventures of Moo and Me

Written for a young man and his amazing family at Camp Jack (and Kate).

The Magnificent,  Magical, 
Never Ending Adventures of Moo and Me

I love where I am and all that I’ve met
But sometimes I yearn for more
There are many places that I've never been
I just want to go explore

I think tonight I'll give it a try
And take along co-pilot Moo
We'll fly together while in my dreams
'Cuz that's what best friends do

Flying into the night with Moo at my side
Our first stop is Mr. Moon
I say he's cheese but Moo says he's not
We'll both find out real soon
A few minutes more and we're over  the moon
Seeing a crater, we  land in its dust
Moo was right the moon is not cheese
  But it's flour on a pizza crust

We nibble a bit and then have to leave
It's time to go on our way
"Moo it's your turn to choose where we go
And it looks like you want to play"

So off we go passing twinkling stars
Waving at them as we fly
I see ahead where Moo wants to go
"Not the milky way", I say with a sigh
Moo smiles at me and waves his tail
As if he's got a plan up his sleeve
We fly really close and I'm amazed to see
White, chocolate, strawberry... I can't  Believe!

We swoop down close but he doesn't stop
It's up and onward we go
I quick lean over  and slurp a taste
Hmm, Milky way's milk, how could I know

He winks at me and moos a laugh
Snorting milk out of his nose
I giggle and laugh as he's on a roll
Curling his tail he makes a pig pose
"Where are we going?" , I ask to my friend
"  You'll see, just hang on to my back"
Traveling far we finally reach a place
Moo calls this Nebula Jack

"Wow!", I say, ""  is it named after me?"
Moo laughs and says ""  but of course"
"  Can we stay awhile and play a bit?"
"  Hey,... what?... Wait?... is that a horse?"

Riding up close comes a magnificent foal
Her mother is close behind
They stop and stare right into our eyes
Asking, if we're horses, what kind?
I laugh so hard I start falling off Moo
The foal comes up by my side
She looks at me and smiles a bit, saying
"  Hey do you want to ride?"

I slide off Moo and onto her back
And off exploring we go
It's over gas clouds and nebula bands
"  Watch out a comet! Duck low!"

We play for a while this foal and me
Until Moo and Mommy say  "" it's time"
So off I slide and give a great hug
And back onto Moo I climb

With tears in our eyes we say our goodbyes
asking "   Will I see you again?"
 ""We live so far beyond many stars
I'll call you, do you have a pen"

Exchanging numbers and telling stories
We find we share many views
I look and take notice of something peculiar
Foal changes colors and hues

Moo and Mommy keep trying to move us along
And I ask foal "What is your name?"
"Oh", she smiled, "how could I forget.
It's Kate. And I'm glad you came"
"I have surprise, it's a secret you know
I'm never that far away
I'll be in your heart and in your dreams
It's Love's magic some might say"

Mommy smiles at me and Moo winks too
And I whisper right back in Kate's ear
""If you miss me too just look around and see
in colors and rainbows; I'm near"

We wave good bye saying "see you again"
Each flying in our own way
We smile with Hope as we know the Truth
We'll see each other again some day

Written for all those with and at Camp Jack (and Kate)
with Hope, Love and Light
by Nina Pauline Ploetz 4-13-2011


Granny Annie said...

What a fun and exciting adventure for a child...or an adult:)

LauraX said...

Nina, this is full of love. And Kate as the foal, how perfect. Just read this at Camp Jack and had to soar over to say hello.

gentle steps sweet soul,

Nina P. said...

Thank you for your kind words. This young boy and his family have touched my heart.... He is such a wise old soul, full of inquisitiveness, joy, laughter and most of all LOVE. He inspired this quick story poem, inspiration....
Blessings to you and yours.
Love and Light,
Nina P

Debra W said...

Nina, I am floored and awed by your kindness. More later, but I just had to let you know.

Much love,

septembermom said...

How wonderful Nina! You share so much love with everyone you know. God bless you.

Clytie said...

It is beautiful. I laughed, I soared, I cried ... I never wanted the adventure to end.

Love and Peace, Nina.