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Monday, March 7, 2011

Together We Are One (Song)

                                  Together We Are One (Song)

  • Like the leaves on a tree, it take the roots to make us strong, the branches wave on up to the sky.
  • All working together we are such a site to see for as one we create the majestic tree.
  • With each trunk growing wide, we stand tall side by side,  all together we are strong
  • Such strength we now have as we form a forest grand,  now home for a menagerie
Refrain: Just listen to your heart and you'll hear the Spirit's song running through all eternity.  Believe and then join in this Love and Harmony for TOGETHER WE ARE ONE
  • We hear a new born cry, around the world lullabies, each voice filled with comfort and hope
  • Hearts beat together as we breathe the breath of life, the air I breathe you also breathe
  • Mother Earth gently turns, greeting sun and then the moon, trading seasons as time goes by
  • Be-yond the clouds be it day or night, are the stars shining Light so bright
Refrain: Just listen to your heart and you'll hear the Spirit's song running through all eternity.  Believe and then join in this Love and Harmony for TOGETHER WE ARE ONE
  • When you're feeling all alone, look around and you will see, we are threads of a tapestry
  • For the beauty of Life is not just a single thread, but it's all of us you and me
  • Color and dark lines play a part in the grand plan, everyone brings such depth and strength
  • So come and join me now, we are God's masterpiece, with our place on the canvas of life
Refrain: Just listen to your heart and you'll hear the Spirit's song running through all eternity.  Believe and then join in this Love and Harmony for TOGETHER WE ARE ONE   TOGETHER WE ARE ONE
Written 12/31/2010
with Love and Light, by Nina Pauline Ploetz  and creative edits by Rebecca Washington 
  There is a melody that came to me with this song, it is on voice but not transposed onto paper yet.... more to come..

Many Blessings to you and yours. May you always remember that Together, We Are ONE. We are all children of God not one greater than another, but equals playing rolls in this life. may you take your part and play it well. This world depends on it. It truly takes each and every one of us to make this glorious life work. I thank you for being you for you make this masterpiece exactly how it is meant to be. Peace, Love and God's Blessings to all. Love and Light, Nina P


LauraX said...

Nina this is beautiful and so full of wisdom. We are ONE.

Tammie Lee said...

so lovely
and inspirational
many blessings to you and yours

auntiem4cabs said...

Thank You Nina. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your words of inspiration. You have done wonders for my night.


George said...

Thank you for a very inspiring post. Thank you, too, for the birthday wishes.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Nina, It's so good to hear from you. Thanks also for wishing George a Happy Birthday. We had a wonderful trip to GA. I'll be blogging about it soon--as you can imagine...

I always love your poetry (songs) --and of course the beautiful photos... Fabulous!!!!!

Terry said...

Howdy Nina P. :)
We got our computer back today !!!
I am so looking forward to getting caught up again with your beautiful posts . Thank you for sharing and following along with me and leaving the sweetest comments on my blog.
It is so wonderful to be apart of one with you today.
Your words and music touched my soul with joy and light today .
Take care my blogging word loving friend.
Hugs from Texas
Until next time
Happy Trails

septembermom said...

Nina, you are truly an angel of light here for all of us. This is so beautiful!

Thanks so much for your encouraging words of friendship and support to me. They really meant so much!

Wendy said...

Beautiful! I love your poems and your song. They are so deep and needed at this time.

Thank you for your wise and heart-felt comment on my post "In the Light". I felt honoured by your words.

Nina P. said...

Thank you all for your warm and encouraging comments. Even though I don't visit as often as I'd like, each and every one of you are held and cherished dearly. For it is through each of you that we join together with Love and Support and in doing so, we all gain strength, Hope, Courage and Love. (once I figure out how to get an MP3 file on here, I will post the tune that came with this. It came in perfect pitch and tune, yet somehow gets a bit lost in my singing translation. (smiles) but at least it will give you an idea of how this goes... It was a first for me to actually get a tune with the words so strong I had to write notes above the words.. and since I don't write music they were just notes that went up and down a scale, short and long etc... then I practiced a few times with the words and well... I did a voice recording of it... so.... someday... you will get to hear it... (I hope)
Blessings to you and yours always.
Love and Light, and Healing thoughts and prayers for the world.

Nina P

Anonymous said...

We are indeed all one - like the Mul Mantra says.

Do you have a tune in mind for this wonderful song?

Granny Annie said...


Beth Niquette said...

Hello, Nina Dear! It is so great to hear from you! ((hugs)) I'm glad you are out perusing in the blog world--we are all blessed by you, dear dear Nina.