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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beautiful Photography filled with Depth and Emotion!

Hi everyone, I'm passing along a website you might want to look at.

Simply put:

Beautiful Photography filled with Depth and Emotion!

Some will take your breath away, some cause you to reflect, some bring you back to a simpler time of honesty and hard work, most will make you smile,
and all are filled with depth and emotion

Each photo tells its own story......

If you like something, go ahead and contact Lawrence, and make a purchase.
Tell him you heard about him here; from Nina P.
(It might not get you a discount, but it will get a smile!)

Thanks for looking and sending it on.

May your day be filled with reflection on the goodness in life and the fullness of the beauty of nature. May you see the world around you and find something that fills your heart and takes your breath away. And may your heart be touched by Love and Grace today and always.

Love and Light,
Nina P.

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