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Thursday, April 30, 2009

United Way - A good cause

United Way

"Live United"

2009 fund raising campaign

United Way it’s time again
To give a little Hope
To show we care and want to help
Find ways for them to cope

Times are hard for all this year
We must dig a little deep
Find in your heart a way to care
Be a leader not a sheep

“My life’s hard too” Is what I hear
Sadly all to true
But find that place to give a little
There always things to do

Every dollar every cent
May mean a life to someone
So count your cans and save them up
Turn them in and you’ll be done

So Live United and help them out
By showing your compassion
That even in the toughest times
Giving is in fashion

Fill out your forms and hand them in
And give a little change
Send a check or volunteer
I know this all sounds strange

But helping’s what it’s all about
It gives the inner grin
Now start the clock the challenge is on
Ready, Set, Begin!!
By Nina P. 2009

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