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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guardian Angels

Have you ever had self doubts and fears? Fears of failure, of success, of change, etc...? They can sabotage you and it's your own doing. I've been having this inner battle with sharing my writing on another level .. Despite myself, things are falling into place for a joint venture to possibly put together a book of poetry along with another's wonderful photo's. I have lots of support from the outside; it's my inside that holds me back.... "am I good enough?", "am I worthy?" , the "should I's?"..... I was away at a kind of a Spiritual Retreat this past weekend and was given even more positive reinforcement on this potential venture.... After I attended a workshop on Friday night, I couldn't go to sleep so I sat on the porch to meditate. It wasn't long before I had to find pen and paper..... So here goes another one.....

Guardian Angels

Of Love and Light and Spirit be

Forever fighting to be free

Let go of fear and let go of fright

Guardian Angels guide me tonight

Be still and go inside and see

The Light of Hope that lives in me

My fear it stops me from my gift

If I would let go my fears would lift

Look to the Light that shines from above

Let in the Spirit, be filled with Love

So write dear pen and open the mind

Let me see Light and not be blind

Please guide my hand to touch your face

Fill my heart with your Healing Grace

For with you my Angel as my guide

I know God's Light will now abide

You guided my hand and my heart it follows

Gliding across paper as a flight of swallows

Let my imagination take wings and fly

As to doubts and fears; I say Good Bye

For my Guardian Angels to do their task

I get on my knees, open my heart and ask

I thank you dear Spirit with all of my heart

You've Blessed me and now I must do my part

written with Love and Light and a Thankful heart;

by Nina P. 8/14/09


Anonymous said...

So beautiful :)

septembermom said...

Really beautiful. I feel lifted up by these amazing words. Thank you, Nina!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You definitely have been blessed with a gift from God, Nina. Things seem to be falling into place. SO---go for it. Reach for those dreams!!!! Don't let your inner self hold you back. God has definitely opened the door for you. NOW---you just need to walk through.

Great poem. Beautiful pictures.

mamaof6 said...

This poem is just another example of the Divine Guidance that you allow to speak through you. Continue along your path dear one. You may be helping others to find their path in the process.

Haley said...

It's beautiful poem. kudos to your talent. You should go for it.

Tammie Lee said...

Well my dear Nina,
You certainly have the gift of writing lovely and inspiring poetry. This post is quite beautiful, photos and words. Continue on and let doubt fly away for it no longer serves you.

Leandra Greenmoon said...

lyrical and touchingly done, i say go for it by the way, your definitely good enough and why should it have to be about that anyway the point is you have something to share with people and anyone willing to listen even if it were only one person maybe you could change just one life for the better, think of it that way. thankyou for your comment on my poem by the way it was based on a rather strange dream i had...

miruspeg said...

You have a marvelous gift Nina.
Your words fill my heart and soul with such joy.

Everyday I talk to my guardian angels while I am out walking. We smile and laugh together and they drop feathers along the way for me to find.

Your book of poetry with wonderful photos will bring so much happiness to so many. I am so pleased you are taking that journey.

Blessings to you always
Peggy xxxxx

Clytie said...

I hope that WHEN you publish your work you let us know. I would be first in line! You have made a difference in my life. It's time to share that with the world.

I am loving on this poem and the photos you have included. I see so many angels in these pictures. And faces. And ...

gtyyup said...

I wish you the best in your venture...I think it's a great opportunity for you! Your God given talent should be used to glorify Him.

As with Colt's training...nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'd never trained a horse to do the things that Colt can do, but I tried...and it's been the most rewarding experience for me...ever!

Caroline said...

Oh my Nina...what a gift you have. I too have those same questions about my photography. Am I good enough? I put a prayer out to my angels and the response was "yes"...then I saw my photo highlighted on Shutter Sisters. What a wake up call it was!

You will go far with your gift...just open your heart to receive.

Nina P. said...

Thank you all for your encouragement and support. Your words and comments have helped me to move forward.... what is it they say?... The opposite of fear is Faith!.... I also like Caroline's post "Jump in". the first collaborative meeting where all 4 of us can get together is toward the end of September. So until then... I'll keep writing and put my positive thoughts out to the universe, the Creator, God and think positive thoughts... Like the little children's story of the little engine that could.... I think I can, I think I can , I think I can and it wasn't long when the little engines confidence grew and his mantra became: I know I can, I know I can, I know I can..... and just in case you don't know the story.... He DID!! Blessings to all you glorious souls. Love and Light, Nina P.

Jan said...

I've just signed up as a follower so I will be privy to your beautiful poetry all the time. You do have a gift, dear heart! Thank you for sharing it with us. I do adore and thank my angels for their ever constant divine support...Earth angels too! xo