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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Night Sky Beckoning

Night Sky Beckoning

Night sky beckoning

That playful little star

Shimmering magic all around

Wonders near and far

Take me far away to play

Mysterious clouds of night

I hear your silent calling

"Get up and take up flight"

Soar up to the galaxies

Slide down the Milky Way

Play hide and seek with Mr. Moon

He's made of cheese they say

Play ball with all the planets

Pluto's on my team

Saturn kicks a field goal

As it glides through Neptune's seam

Twinkling with delight

Stars cheer on the game

I wave good bye and fly along

Leaving Saturn to her fame

I fly into infinity

for this is where I find

Nebula unfolding

Shapes and colors of every kind

Some stars are birthing new

while others burn out so old

Each a part of life itself

or at least that's what I'm told

I sail up to the black hole

Where fears and darkness lie

I choose to go around instead

As I've been through that dark sky

I turn my back and say so long

I'll play that part no more

Tonight I fly with Angels

I take their hands and soar

The vastness of their beauty

Surrounds me on this night

I'm filled with Spirits wonder

A place that's filled with might

For even in your bleakest hours

Just look around and see

Beyond shadows of darkness

A Glorious Light will be

There's knowledge deep within

that's spoken from Above

In my soaring heart I know

Life's filled with such great Love

The stars they flicker just a bit

Reminding me it's time

to come back from my journey

now earth seems so sublime

So long my nighttime wonderland

I'll visit you again

We'll explore some more tonight

A new game we will begin

I wave good bye and look around

A new dawn is almost here

I'll see you in my day dreams

Until the night draws near

Awake I must to start the day

Adventures never gone

In my heart they're always there

Till tonight, it won't be long

Written on a starry night

@ 3:00am on 8/22/09

with Love and Light,

by Nina P.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written Nina!

Beth Niquette said...

Ah, this is have such a way with words. You make music with them.

septembermom said...

Your words are truly lovely. Wonderful images. Thank you Nina!

Terry said...

Oh Nina
Such a beuatiful way to put this feeling of playing among the stars .
Your words are so filled with life,light and a deep feeling that you know each person who is reading your words .
It is like you see inside of us what we were ,what we are and what is yet to be all in one moment .
Thank you sweet Nina P. for sharing your gift of words.
Thank you for the lovely way you fill my soul with so much hope,joy and enthusiasm for dancing among the stars .
Hugs of gratitude to you .
Happy Trails

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Nina, You truly have a GIFT. You need to publish some of your poems. You have a fantastic way with words.

Have a great Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nina - that's lovely. I think we are from the same galaxy (!) We are stargirls!

Nina P. said...

Thank you all. I'm glad you enjoyed this one as I had so much fun writing it.... it just came floating.. or should I say, soaring in! I'm back into a creative realm so be ware.... there will be more... (smiles)
Beth, you brought back a memory. A friend of mine, who's a magnificent artist, was having a tough time.. I don't remember why I was writing him but I said "I paint with words while you write a story with your paints and a brush.." Thanks for jogging up that memory. :-)
Blessings to you all and may your talents and lives flourish and may all your Dreams come true. Love and Light, Nina P.

Clytie said...

I can close my eyes and see you playing up there. I want to slide down the milky way with you!

Maithri said...

Lovely words, Is there anything more beautiful than a starry sky ;)

With love, Maithri

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.