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Friday, August 7, 2009

Wishes and Rainbows

My Dad and his First Grandson

Richard Nathan P.

Wishes and Rainbows

I'm going to a family reunion this weekend which will be allot of fun and reminiscing. Remembering all the stories of long ago, remembering the love of those that have passed. Embracing the energy and joy of those that are here. And making new memories and stories that can be passed on to future generations. Family reunions are so precious.

My first nephew was born on 8/10/80 and would have been 29 on Monday. But at age 27, God decided he needed him more than we did here, so He called him Home on 12/27/07 (those with numerology might have something to say about the dates). Richard was blessed with a wonderful fun filled spirit, great smile, beautiful sparkling eyes filled with wonder and excitement, a vocabulary that challenged most everyone with his knowledge and use of "big words", a sense of humor as he was full of jokes and laughter, an imagination and gift of storytelling that had you spellbound with that really true?...., an outrageous interest in and replication of bodily sound (he's laugh and giggle and well... you'd be laughing and giggling and making the same sounds right along with him)sand intelligence beyond imagination. But God also Blessed him with Asperger's Syndrome as well as a form of Marfan syndrome, and I dare say a stubborn side as well. I say Blessed as that's what made Richard; Richard. It's what made him endearing and yes on occasion frustrating, to all those that knew him. It was his "specialness" that made him unforgettable to anyone that met him. From his Tall tales to his true knowledge and details of History, he was an amazing soul. His laugh, more of a giggle, and smile were infectious and no matter the mood you were in, you'd be smiling and giggling right along with him in no time. He taught us many lessons and brought us many Joy's. God Truly Blessed us with Richard. He was/is one of my most cherished Gifts.

He wrote a poem while in school and I'd like to honor him and his memory by sharing it with you today. I also would like to share with you a poem that I wrote to honor his memory.

photo by Clytie @

Thank you dear soul for the use of your wonderful "heart" wish plant.

Here is my Nephews Poem

The Calm Wind

The wind calms me

with a gentle breeze

and I just get lost.

I start Floating off

like a wish plant.

Drifting, Drifting,

in the mist.

For if I wish

For if I want

I could forever

Float away……

By Richard Nathan

My hand was guided to write the poem below:


God sent to you this bundle of love

And guided you as parents from above

You burped and bibbed and fed him too

And when he was older taught him to moo

He always had a giggle and that great big smile

And a tale that would go on for mile and mile

Your ear he would bend with a story so grand

Catching whales of the shores of this great land

If you weren’t careful you’d believe him a bit

He’d go on and on till he finally quit

His sisters came along, of them there were three

Richard’s laughter could be heard with such glee

He loved them he did as he tested their will

Yet of his jokes they could not get their fill

From knock knocks to Zezzles he always wanted more

Along came Tom and then Rich had four

A big brother he was in all of his glory

With stories to tell even some that were gory

He tried your patience and tested your will

At times even stubborn, he was such a pill

His grandparents he loved so very much

His giant hands had a tender touch

He loved nature in all of its forms

From the slow moving turtle to the wonder of storms

Richard had parents whose love was so strong

They taught him with Faith, the right from the wrong

With God by their side they learned many lessons

I’m sure if you ask they have many confessions

God gave Doug answers for Richard’s great voyage

To guide him back home took will and great courage

I see Richard still on his Mom’s tender lap

Being comforted, telling stories, or taking a nap

Richard was special both inside and out

Of that I am sure, there is no doubt

He was gifted to us by God’s almighty hand

To show us compassion as is His command

We learned many lessons and opened our hearts

And yes even laughed when he made those fake farts

So why do I make a joke or two here

That’s what Rich taught, with his life short and dear

Enjoy what you have and cherish it true

Find passion in life what ever you do

With him it took patience and great understanding

The tight rope of life with the feather landing

Yes God gave us Richard to teach us His Love

And has taken him home to Heaven above

So shed a tear as humans we must

Then remember God’s Promise, in Him we Trust

So Good Bye Richard you will be truly missed

We’ll cherish your memories in Rainbows mist

Written with Great Love

By Aunt Nina (12/31/2007)

Richard you brought Love, Hope and Happiness to all you met.

Thank you Richard and Happy Birthday to my First Nephew.

Love and Light,

Aunt Nina

aka Nina P.

a photo my niece took of the fireworks at Niagara Falls Canada on 12/27/07. Richard wasn't with us on our trip, yet.... this photo speaks differently. He had passed away just a few hours before this photo was taken.


mamaof6 said...

What a beautiful tribute to one who was a beautiful soul. Thank you for introducing Richard here, so that he could shine some light.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Nina, What a wonderful tribute to your nephew. He must have been a very special young man.

Enjoy your reunion. We had a big one last summer---but none planned this year.

We're home from a great vacation.. I'll post in the morning.

septembermom said...

Lovely tribute to Richard, a true angel on earth. Your poem was so warm and gentle like an embrace. Richard's poem spoke volumes about hope and acceptance. Happy Birthday to your nephew. I'm sure his love is with you and your family at all times.

Caroline said...

WOW... Your nephew is a beautiful soul...his poem is amazing (and your tribute as well). Enjoy a wonderful weekend with family.

Jan said...

This is a beautiful tribute to your nephew. Your family was blessed to have him in your presence, and he was blessed to have you. My only nephew has Asperger's too, so we know this journey well. Enjoy your reunion!

Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. So touching how you say he was a blessing – I certainly believe that is true. What a miracle life is. We need souls like Richard's to brighten our lives. And I love his poem - amazing. Love yours too, a fitting tribute to a beautiful soul.

Nina P. said...

Thank you all for your wonderful, inspirational, Hopful, loving words. You are all sear souls and bring Love and Light to those you touch. Thank you again. Love and Light, Nina P.

Tammie Lee said...

Both poems are full of spirit, Richards spirit and how he touched you. I feel honored to have a glimpse into how you all enhanced one anothers lives. Hope you had a great reunion.

Life Potentials Network said...

Wow, Nina, what an amazing post. Both poems are so beautiful and full of Spirit. Your nephew was so beautiful and full of life...and that photo at the end...well, I have no words. I am in a state of awe. Thank you for sharing this. Many blessings to you and your precious family.

Clytie said...

Thank you for sharing the soul of a remarkable young man. Your tribute is beautiful and moving. The firework photo made tears spring to my eyes. Blessed day to you, my wonderful friend.

Denny Lyon said...

"With him it took patience and great understanding

The tight rope of life with the feather landing"

Wonderful words above. Have you ever noticed when someone dies young that their work was done here on Earth? Many times they are here to test our patience, grow our understanding and open our hearts just a little bit wider. Sounds like Richard accomplished all he was sent to do. What a fun person your Richard! Hope the reunion went well, giving healing and love to all. Love and Light to you...

miruspeg said...

A beautiful tribute to a very special man.
But what blew me away was Richard's poem. Simple words with such a strong, insightful meaning.

I too enjoy family reunions and making new memories.

Nina your words come straight from your soul and we are blessed to read them.

Richard is now one of your angels and is always whispering in your ear.

Big hugs
Peggy xxxx

Beth Niquette said...

Thank you for sharing Nathan with us. My own dear son was originally diagnosed as having aspergers. However in recent days he has been tested for spectrum autism.

He, too has that wonderful shining about him. They are precious and wonderful young men.

Brandi Reynolds said...

wow. richard was a wonderful poet. what a touching tribute to him. :-)

(and thank you for stopping by my blog!)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.