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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is there a Higher Being.... or Free will... my answer to a blog

I've been on a writing hiatus of sorts. Winter taking it's usual pull on me and my going inward to hibernate from the "cold". But in doing so, I hibernate and make myself  "cold" to those around me. I can easily isolate myself in my thoughts and loose track of what I need to do for me, and that is talk, communicate, write.... So here I am actually starting to thaw out and "flow" again. But it is not the new that I share, instead, I choose an older writing.... my thoughts have been inspired by none other than you and your blogs, your words, photo's, paintings, poetry, philosophy.... here is one such inspired thought... I believe it was in response to DB's site Vagabond Journeys
Is there a Higher Being.... or Free will... my answer to a blog 

Ah, I do believe there is a Director of sorts. Creating scenes, backdrops, and timing entrances and exits. And maybe even prompting a line or two, or encouraging a shy new actor to take up their place and be the story, feel the part, and act the depths of the scene.

I feel the Director has great confidence in the actors and allows their interpretation of the play to proceed un thwarted.
Yet if miscued on a dark stage, the Director might shine a Light to highlight a mark, accentuate the plot, and cast shadows away.

I believe there is a Director that applauds the improvisation and imagination of the actors, yet, The Director is there, timing and guiding the show.

So it is without farther adieu, I embrace my part in this play called Life, won't you join me?

with Light and Love, Nina P.

Take a look around, and be amazed!!! There is intricate beauty in all things... a flower in the spring, a butterfly in the summer, the multitude of colors in the fall, or even the beautiful patterns of frost on a car in the icy cold of winter.....  Is there a Higher Being?..... I for one, Believe So!
(amazing frost patterns on the car) 

 I hope each of you are enjoying yourselves this winter (or summer for those in the other hemisphere) I send Blessings to each of you and each of yours. Love and Light, Nina P


Caroline said...

Nice to see you back :) I like the idea of a Director...kind of how I think about it. Stay warm. xo

Granny Annie said...

Nina, you have certainly pointed out the reasons I believe in a power greater than our own. I am always amazed by those who cannot see the majesty of a "Director" even in science.

AutumnLeaves said...

I knew there was indeed one God when I looked into my firstborn's beautiful face. It was reinforced with baby number two. Beauty all around indeed, Nina. The intricacies of nature are there for all to delight in if they just open their eyes and their hearts! So glad you are feeling a thaw. Your words resonate within as I too can turn inwards so very easily and so very often.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Whatever you call this 'higher being'--there is definitely a presence for one who believes. Anyone who loves nature --including sunrises and sunsets, beautiful waterfalls, etc. HAS to 'feel' that higher presence.

To me, that is GOD--but whatever anyone calls God is up to them... I do know that I personally could not get through tragedy without knowing that God is there to help me. It also makes me happy knowing that my parents and brothers are in a MUCH better place than where we are now. I am not ready to die--but am looking forward to that wonderful place someday.

I also think that God (director) does give us humans the FREE will to make our own choices and decisions. AND the good news is that God still loves us even when we make lousy choices and decisions. Praise Be to this God--whom I love with my entire being.


Clytie said...

I like the idea of a Director as well.

And I love the miracle of design in your beautiful photos of the frosty car. Stunning.

Welcome back, my friend. It has been a cold hard wintertime scene, but the Director is still on board here, prompting us to the next act.

DB said...

Nina, thank you for the link, the great post and pictures and some excellent comments. I don't know the answers. I only know the questions. And I sure don't know all of them.

Certainty is a hard thing to come by. The first patriarchs were committed to natural law. Maybe it's all a matter of interpretation since then.


miruspeg said...

Welcome back Nina. I think we all need to go away and recharge our batteries every now and again.
I am not sure if there is a Director but I am sure there are spirit guides and angels.
And there is definitely intricate beauty in all things.
Love the amazing frost photos on the car.
Take care always.
Peggy xxxx

only a movie said...

Oh yeah, there has to be a designer of it all. It's too cool to be random.

Love this post. (And love Granny Annie's answer).

septembermom said...

Good thoughts here! There is so much to amaze us in this beautiful and interesting world. Love the photos!