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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Challenge You This Valentine's Day

I Challenge You This  Valentine's Day
We have this day called Valentine's Day
To honor  those we love
It's easy to remember them
Our soul's light as a dove

Were Love abounds and Angels sing
Emotions tender strong
We share our inner feelings
Showing loved ones they belong

We spread our wings as if to fly
And gently wrap them round
Embracing our very breath
As loved ones make hearts pound

If we could open our mind and soul
We'd find there's more to see
So many lonely people
Needing a hand from you and me

I challenge you this Valentine's Day
It's a perfect day to start
show the world compassion
Spreading Love from Heart to Heart

Giving a piece of  pocket and soul
Your spirit it will lift
Share your Love and Hope
Make this your new Valentine's gift

Give of yourself to people today
And you will find the key
A Heart that overflows
Will find Love that will always be

Happy Valentine's Day to One and All!
I wish you all Life's Best
A heart that's filled with Love
May you and yours be  Blessed

Written with Love and Light,
By Nina P


AutumnLeaves said...

Nina, your heart truly does overflow with love. What a beautiful poem; it got my sluggish mind to crank over this morning.

septembermom said...

You really do spread light and love with all that you write. Thank you! Happy Valentine's Day Nina!!!

only a movie said...

Great idea. ;-)

Clytie said...

Beautiful. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

Abe Lincoln said...

Valentine's Day was filled with candy here. I got three or four boxes - which is a good thing - the problem is I ate a lot more than I should.

Thanks a bunch for visiting my Brookville Daily Photo and for the comment. Sometimes I don't know what to post each day but it is usually something that I just took a picture of that caught my eye. This post is like that. I was experimenting with shutter speed and aperature to see if I could stop motion and it seemed to work in this photo you saw.

I always enjoy coming here.

Tammie Lee said...

I love your challenge to us Nina, for each and every day!
also your poem is lovely, this line really stayed with me:

Were Love abounds and Angels sing
Emotions tender strong

wishing you a lovely week.

Laura Hegfield said...

This is so beautiful Nina. I want to thank you for your rainbow at the top of your page, for walking for a cure for MS. I've been a donor to the MS foundation for years ironically, I didn't know much about the disease but somehow always felt drawn to make a donation...Now I have been diagnosed with MS so I know way more than I want to know about it. I wish I could walk far enough too...maybe by summer time.

Anyway, thank from me, my family and all of my friends living with MS for bringing awareness to the need for MS research.

gentle steps,

Granny Annie said...

And part of our blessing is to know you and share your words of inspiration.

Natural Moments said...

When our heart is truly open...

The world will come rushing in to touch in immeasurable ways.

And from that touch a loving bond is forged, uplifting our environment into a state of piece and harmony.

Thanks for spreading the love.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Nina... I almost missed this one. Since we were out-of-town ---I got behind. I love your challenge... We all need to spread the love all around --every day of the year and not just on Valentine's Day...


Life Potentials Network said...

Nina, I never stop being amazed at the facility you have for writing poetry. Another beautiful, heartfelt poem that speaks directly to the subject at hand. You are awesome and quite a gift to all of us. Thank you, dear Angel.

Nina P. said...

Thank you all from my heart and soul. You bring strength and joy to me each and every day. Blessings to you all. Love and Light,Nina P

Abe Lincoln said...

Thanks for the visit and link, Nina. I really think that man has solved the riddle of Stonehenge.

日月神教-向左使 said...