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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thought for Today...Staying Peaceful....(With additions of course)

photo by my niece Marilyn

Thought for Today: Staying Peaceful: Desires cause peace to disappear. You think that acquiring things will make you feel secure, but the reality is that the more you have the more fear there usually is of losing it, and the further you are from peace. Desires are the cause of all conflicts. When you want something and cannot get it you become frustrated. Learning to be free from desires is learning how to stay peaceful. (from Thought for Today: )

my musings.....

We've all been guilty of this at some point. As children it was; "If I only had that toy then I'll be happy". As a teenager it might have been, "If I could only be with that person, or in that group, then I'll be happy", as we grow the "If I had ______,then I'd be happy" change but the feeling of frustration and lack remains. It never seems to be enough. If by some chance we actually got; "that new car, the perfect partner, belonged to the perfect group, the most prestigious job," etc... then there lingers in the back of the mind:This isn't enough, I'm not happy,.... I've got to get more, I've got to keep all these things, how can I ..., then the "what ifs "start, ...what if I loose my job, what if I can't keep the car, etc.... Or worse yet, the "I need more..." We live in a constant state of stress and fear and very little happiness. There is little to no true Peace in our lives.

How true this is. The more we "strive" for Peace and happiness, the more elusive it seems. When we let go and just be with ourselves; be with our surroundings; just be with nature; just be,... Peace is there with us, we just have to let go and let the Spirit in....
photo by my niece Marilyn

Peace is the flash of a red cardinal flying by on a snowy day; the green of Spring reaching up through the ground, the beauty of a bee on clover... Peace is watching a wave break slide away and try again to catch the shore.... it is catching the beauty amongst the storm;... Peace is the laughter of a child,.... the smile from a stranger... Peace is a that rainbow that's just beyond the clouds... Peace is knowing you are Loved unconditionally (no strings attached) by God.... Peace is loving yourself (yes its OK for us; we are to Love ourselves as we Love our neighbors) ... Peace is the Light of the Son shine around you warming you to your soul,.... Peace is being content with who you are and what you have, right now, not in the past or in the future, but right now, this moment, this breath, this heartbeat... Peace Is......

may Peace be with you today and always... Nina P.

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