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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Day To Celebrate!! Happy Birthday!!!


A day to celebrate the year of your birth
A day to celebrate with joy and mirth

A day to celebrate all that has past
A day to celebrate memories that last

A day to smile and even giggle
A day to laugh and wriggle and wriggle

A day to celebrate with family and friend
A day where many rules can bend

A day of joy to celebrate
A day calories don’t count on what you ate

A day of Blessings from God Above
A day of Thanks for His Great Love

A day to celebrate all of your life
A day to be Blessed and free from strife

A day to Thank God for His gift so true
A day to sing Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy Birthday to you!

by Nina P. (2008)


siddharth said...

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Nina P. said...

Thank You for your kind words. I enjoyed your words as well. Very inspiring! Thank you.