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Friday, December 4, 2009

Please Pray for Clytie

Our Dear friend Clytie has fallen ill.
So please all help if you will

Say a prayer to send her healing
Bless the family who all are reeling

Guide them safe as they travel
Keep them all from unravel

Grant them Faith and Understanding
When life is hard and so demanding

Guide all those that care for her health
Give them all Your Spiritual wealth

Now bow our heads and say a prayer
From heart to heart lets all be there

Lift up our voices all as one
Pray for Clytie that healings begun

We lift our hearts to you Above
God Bless Clytie with your Healing Love

May God grant His Healing Power and Grace to Clytie. May Peace and Understanding Guide thoughts and prayers. May God Bless Family and Friends as we gather around in Thought and Love. May you feel God's Power within you today and may He grant you Healing in every way. Healing Thoughts and Prayers go out to each and every one of you. Faith, Hope, Peace and Love be yours today and always. God, Bless all that are in need of Your Healing Power and Grace. May Your Light shine down upon them and give them Peace.
Love and Light, Nina P

You can keep track of her progress and send Healing thoughts, prayers and wishes to the following sites:

 Grannie Anne's Place:

Beth Niquette Fine Art:

Clytie at Random Hearts:

Clytie @ Random Stuff:


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks Nina for this information. I will definitely pray for Clytie.


Caroline said...

Sending prayers...and light.

AutumnLeaves said...

I will include Clytie in my prayers, Nina. Thank you for your extended prayers for all of us.

Nina P. said...

When people get together and form one thought, one prayer, miracles can happen! Thank you all. Clytie is always sharing her "Random Hearts" and now she needs ours. May God Bless you always. Love and Light, Nina P


Awww such a great poem for Clytie,
you always say the best words, giving great inspiration to all of us. I love you Nina , if you hear something new that I haven't, PLEASE
keep me posted.

septembermom said...

I send my prayers to her.

miruspeg said...

Nina I have read Clytie's comments often when I visit your blog.
She sounds like such a lovely soul.
I am a HUGE believer in positive thought.
So I will send her all my light and love for as long as she need it.

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

Sure hope she is doing better. Will think of her in my prayers.

Silver said...

Will be joining you and the others in prayer for Clytie.


Debra W said...

Prayers for Clytie going up.