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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beyond the Clouds of Death (the Shoah or Holocaust)

November 9, 1938, and into the next day, has come to be known as Kristallnacht or The Night of Broken Glass. Some say it marked the beginning of the Holocaust also known as the Shoah. In our studies: "The 2000 Year Road to the Holocaust" - An interfaith project of the greater Rochester community I'm finding that this road started many years before WWII.

I wrote this poem to try to honor those that suffered and died; honor those that fought to stop injustice against people; and to promote forgiveness and compassion for all people so this may never happen again...

May we all learn to Love our neighbors as ourselves. May we learn to Forgive. May we teach and Live Compassion and Tolerance, May we  learn to live in Peace for we are all brothers and sisters of the world. Once we realize  and incorborate these things into our lives, Peace may truly have a chance.

Beyond the Clouds of Death
(The Shoah or Holocaust)

Atrocities so horrible

make up the Holocaust

Where people were not people

And humanity was lost

Torture, Death, and Hunger

The Shoah's horrendous shroud

And in the background burning

The fumes of human clouds

To break the spirit and the lives

Of this almighty clan

It was power and insanity

That fed Hitler's plan

The devil came to life these days

the world came tumbling in

People blindly followed

Minds controlled from deep within

Lies and fears and blinded eyes

The massacre kept going

Like drones work was carried out

As hate and fear kept growing

The suffering unbearable

For people once so strong

Now shadows of their prior selves

How did life go so wrong?

Stomachs always grumbling

Little rest from dusk till dawn

A people thought forgotten

Their hope was all but gone

Yet in the bleakest darkest days

Within the souls of some

Remained the faith of ages

Though bodies beat and numb

For silent prayers not silent

They reached to God's own ears

He answered into hearts and minds

Gave courage to ease their fears

Where was God in all this horror?

Is what I hear some say

Just like the dove for Noah

He's there on the bleakest day

Look into the darkest corner

God's there behind the scene

He's teaching some compassion

Opening eyes to all that's been

Stars at night gave Peace to some

As silent prayers went up

Their twinkling light acknowledged

They'd reached God's holy cup

Like manna from the heavens

God is in the rain

Quenching thirsts and washing souls

Relieving some of the pain

Too many people did not survive

The hell that was around

Yet deep inside, lived a strength

A Faith that would astound

To honor those who's hope was strong

We must learn to forgive

In the end God's Law and Love

Will teach us how to live

Remember all the hate that spun

Out of control back then

But focus on God's strength that lived

Inside women, children and men

As in the Exodus of old

Tyrants are crushed and killed

Hope remains inside of those

That know what God has willed

The Promise of a better life

Like a phoenix in the sun

Out of the fires of hate and hell

With Faith in God, we've won

It's hard to see the rainbow

Beyond the clouds of death

Yet, in the deepest part of us

It's in our very breath

Let's heal the wounds of this hell

When insects fared better than man

Douse the hate and breathe upon

Forgiving embers if we can

Let the flames, this time, be from

Compassion and from Love

Melt hate and fear and intolerance

With God's Word from above

So live with God as Moses did

Beyond the trials of man

Teach the past but not the hate

and Honor the Great "I AM"

written with Peace, Hope, Love and Light

by Nina Pauline Ploetz

Acknowledge the Holocaust through the Strength of persecuted people

Morn those that died before their time

Honor the surviving hearts of Faith, to show their Hope survived

Thank all those who fought for Tolerance, Compassion and Love

Teach Peace, Hope, Love and Light to future generations

Let a quiet Healing voice be heard above the crowd of pain


AutumnLeaves said...

What an amazing poem, Nina. There are so many lines/phrases that are exquisitely said and capture in a few words the lost and forsaken feeling of a horrible time in the world's history..."Humanity was lost;" "the fumes of human clouds..." Absolutely poignant and a sadly succinct summation. It is mind boggling to know that one man could incite and perpetuate so much hatred. I've done some studying and even taken a history class at a Chicago university on this subject. Your project sounds amazing. So glad you've written this for those who have forgotten or those who aren't too familiar with this time in history. A sad time for all mankind, truly.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

This may be your best poem, Nina. I can tell how passionately you feel about this. I too YEARN for PEACE---and have been singing "Let There Be Peace on Earth" for years and years. Don't know if it will happen in our lifetime--but we can still PRAY.

Thanks for a terrific post, Nina.

Jan said...

What a stunning tribute, Nina. And thank you for this reminder about this night of pain and suffering, and how we can align ourselves with love, compassion and peace to facilitate healing and eliminate future suffering. May we be kind....Blessings!

septembermom said...

I'm sure that all who suffered during those horrible years look upon you with eyes of gratitude and love. So beautifully written dear Nina.

Natural Moments said...

When we truly and fully honor the past, the internal lessons have been digested, the spirits have been forgiven and released from all angles, so that they too will no longer be summoned to relive the past in this moment by us and can relinquish being a ghost, and can finally return home to rest in peace. This is when we can be truly alive in the Now to create a new world that reflects our heart felt dreams.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

This is an incredibly powerful poem, Nina...I love the lines "Torture, Death, and Hunger/The Shoah's horrendous shroud/And in the background burning/The fumes of human clouds." You have painted a painfully accurate portrait of the horror...and it has staying power...even when I cease reading...your words continue to echo in my mind! Fantastic! I love your work! ~Janine XO

Nina P. said...

This was one of the most challenging and emotional poems /stories I've ever written. I've done 4 re-writes as my Jewish friends said it was a Christian poem written for Christians. My intent was much more global in view and healing, so I carefully wrote and re-wrote it. Each time I tried to be more universal with the wording to get my true heart and thoughts out to all.
It is meant as a poem to educate, honor and to heal all of humankind. Something we must do in order to move forward, and create a better world of Unity, Peace, Compassion, Tolerance and Love. Thank you all for taking the time to read it with an open heart and mind and share your thoughts with me. I truly appreciate all your feedback.
May you be Blessed with Healing, Compassion and Love. Love and Light, Nina P.

Dollores said...

Dear Nina, I have just read the poem Beyond the Clouds of Death. It is so beautiful. We lived through that time and knew of the horrible thing that the people went through.
thanks for your comments on my work. Creating my animal has been a joyful time in my life and very rewarding. You are a sweet heart.
Best wishes. Dollores

Renee said...

Powerful Nina.

I felt like I was holding my breath while reading this.

The horror.

Love Renee xoxo

Laura Hegfield said...

this is absolutely a beautiful tribute, not just to those who's lives were lost, to their ghost memories their families still live with, but to all of humanity...and the goodness that really is ever present in the world.

I am adding a love link of your blog to mine.


Grannie Annie said...

Beautiful poem Nina it must have taken many hours of thought to create it. It boggles the mind how things like that are even possible how human beings could reach that level of depravity, it's so very sad.

Beth Niquette said...

Wonderful cloud formations--extraordinary post.

My Father was in a Nazi Prison camp in WW2. The things he saw and experienced were unspeakable.

Ah, if only people would not treat one another so. Sometimes atrocities are spent on the most innocent, for a difference of opinion, or belief.

For a human being to treat another human being as we know they have--is beyond my understanding. Dad's stories of what happened to him as a 19-year old soldier are heart-rending.