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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Gift Of Light's In You

The Gift Of Light's In You

There is a power in each of us
We tend to over look
Getting  so busy to notice
We  don't even open the book

The day goes by with its busy mess
The hustle pulls us along
We fall into its ebbing pull
As if to it we belong

As problems get to much for us
Life goes every which way
The Answer' there's for  each of us
Gently calling everyday

It's when we're at our weakest point
The breeze of Hope comes through
Blowing on our embers
As only It can do

There is  persistence in this glow
That cannot be withheld
 Igniting up  our very soul
Its energy starts to weld

This offering's so freely given
To guide us every day
As we open up this gift of Love
Its Light  will shine the way

If  life seems dark and hard to live
Step back and listen dear
For in the echoes of your heart
You will surely hear

The whispers of a Love so strong
It's only just begun
For living inside each of us
God's Light's already won

Let go, Let God Let your Light shine
Life will follow through
Keep opening  your life with Love
The gift of Light's in you
written with Love and Light, 10/24/10 by Nina P


Beth Niquette said...

Good Morning, Nina! It is so great to read your inspiring words.

And those photos--especially that last one--just fill my eyes.

((hugs)) May God the Creator bless you this day, sweet Friend.

LauraX said...

Gorgeous Nina!!! YOU are one LIGHT filled human, that is for sure! I linked your blog to Clytie's Guest Host Post today...which reminds me, I'm thinking of doubling up some guests...are you interested??? Stop by and see what's going on at Shine the Divine this month and then shoot me an email...I know my readers would love your poetry, photos and gentle spirit!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Nina, It was great to hear from you... It's been awhile.. How are you??? We are fine--just busy as usual.

Your poem and pictures are fabulous... LIGHT is so important ---and when we shine with God's love, our lives will be so much better. Thanks!!!!

Tammie Lee said...

You share light in such a beautiful way. Thank you for your loving and inspiring words.

Stoneweaver said...

Lovely thoughts - and pictures.

It makes me think of the mantra 'Om namo baghavate vasudevaya' the divine light that dwells within everything!


miruspeg said...

Nina I love posts about "light"!
And your poetry and photos are a delight to read and view.
Yes the light is always there, sometimes we just need to look in a different direction to find it.

Nina I hope the light always shines wherever life takes you.

Peggy xxxx

Wendy said...

What inspiring words and photos. May your light always shine brightly.

I meant to tell you that I love your header. I've tried to photograph the sun, with varied results, but your photo is unique and splendid!

Love and Light, dear friend,

Clytie said...

So beautiful, Nina. Once again you spoke to my soul. Thank you!