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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

 Happy Mother's Day!

I write sometimes with ease
Yet when it comes to Mothers
They have so many complexities
Not found in many others

Do I write about their beauty
They share with those around?
Or do I focus on their strengths
So many it's profound

Like gardener's in the world of life
They cultivate and grow
Weed and feed and water
Nurturing what they sow

I can talk about her heart inside
Surrounding yours with Love
Always there uplifting you
Like gentle wings from above

And then there is such strength
Found in a Mother's soul
Standing strong in her convictions
Raising us well is her goal

Like a faithful tree she's there
Her arms outstretched and open
We run to her Love and Strength
When feeling frail and broken

A Mother's hand can be firm
While teaching right from wrong
Yet when we need her soothing
She's there singing us a song

And what about her inner child
Sharing Joy, laughter and fun
Mother's will go outside and play
Hitting softballs in the sun

I know there is a fragile side
When things are out of her control
That melancholy moment
When a Mother can't console

Life is sometimes harsh and hard
A Mother's heart can break
Pain can touch her  inner soul
Bringing tears and heartache

A Mother's spirit won't stay down
Perpetually it grows
Spreading Love and Compassion
Nurturing as she sows

Such complex Beauty's in a Mother
We honor you today
I guess I found my words
Yet there's so much more to say

Thank You hardly seems enough
For all that Mother's do
So I add I Love you Mom
From my heart that is true

One wish I have is just to be
Half the woman that you are
Then I'd be Blessed beyond my dreams
As you are my shining star

So I'll end where I began
Wondering how to say it all
With all your Love and Caring
You taught us to stand tall

My heart is filled with Gratitude
So I say it in my way
For being the Wonder that you are
Have a  Happy Mother's Day!

Written with Love, Joy,  and Thankfulness to Honor the Woman I Love and Admire, my Dearest Mother.  You've played such a major role in creating who I am today. This is one day that is set aside to honor and thank you for all you've done and do. (hardly seems enough)
Happy Mother's Day Mom! I Love You!
Love and Light,
Nina Pauline

These beautiful purple flowers grow in my back yard. They are Wisteria, They have the most beautiful fragrance and color!


Beth Niquette said...

Oh, Nina--there are tears in my eyes this morning. Thank you. What lovely words. YOu are such a talented sweet lady! Happy Mum's Day to you, dear one.

AutumnLeaves said...

So beautifully written, so well said. Happy Mother's Day to you as well, Nina.

Laura said...

Nina this is so beautiful! Happy Mother's Day to you too! I'm sure you have made your Momma very proud!

Clytie said...

Ah my friend ... I too am wiping away the tears. What a precious poem - what a wonderful mother you must have! You are both blessed indeed!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, your mother must be so delighted with this, and so very proud of you! What a joy and privilege to have such beautiful words penned about you! She must be a wonderful you are such a fantastic lady! Hope your day was filled with every happiness! ~Janine XO

puzzled said...

I have tried three time to post a comment on this lovely poem but, for some reason, I have been unsuccessful. I will try one more time so here goes!

This is a beautiful poem and I thank you for sharing it. Because your blog spreads lots of sunshine, I am sending you a SUNSHINE AWARD. Thanks for a great Blog.

Joychristin said...

How beautiful! I never knew my mom, but I try to share with my children as you so briliantly captured in your poem...And I love Wisteria:)

only a movie said...

Very nicely done. xo

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Nina, I'm just stopping by to say HELLO. Love your Mother's Day poem and tribute to your Mom. That is so special.

Hope you are having a good spring.

Jeff Ploetz, CIO VRSurgeon Inc. said...

Great stuff Nina - once again you are touching the heart strings of those near & far =)


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Just stopping by to see what you are up to...and to send you a big smile and wishes for much love to blanket your week! ~Janine XO

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hope all is well, Nina...Miss you and have been thinking of you! Love, Janine XO

miruspeg said...

Hi sweet friend how are you?
Hope all is well in your world.
You know you have my light and love beaming your way.
Peggy xxx

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Do so hope you are okay!!! Love, Janine XO

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