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Sunday, March 21, 2010

At Mountain's Top

At Mountain's Top

Go sit at mountain's top where no one is around
Where life it seems so simple although a bit profound

To meditate and contemplate the life that we do have
And find the inner meaning philosophies to calve

At Mountain's top we feel and see the power of the All
We look beyond myopic eyes and hear eternity's call

Getting here we had to climb a journey sometimes hard
Once we're here it all falls in if we let down our guard

We are truly all connected at mountain's top I feel
Each and every one of us joined; our energy is real

I sit here in my solitude and yet I sense I'm not
Surrounded by  many souls, is the feeling that I've got

Each breath I take you've taken before on this world we live
It 's with Love and Light I teach, it's Natures soul to give

So take the path that your given as it's really so much more
Then sit at Mountain's Top and breathe, as thousands have before

Your breath, my breath, our breath... it all fills the air
It's here, where one can see that we are meant to share

Feel the souls of ages, found here at mountain's top
Rejuvenate your spirit, let it soar and never stop

Be unified with  Love and Life, it is our Light to shine
Then sit at mountains top and see the All: The Great Divine

written with Love and Light
by Nina Pauline 3-21-2010


DB said...

One late afternoon on the summit of South Moat Mountain, NH, I was so surrounded by the many breaths of others before me, I didn't want to leave there. I tarried and would have risked the wildness of the night, cold and hungry, to communicate with the silence. It was dark night before I reached the base.

Another day I went back and found that I was now among the many breaths.


AutumnLeaves said...

I have to say that your words truly resonated with me this a.m., Nina. There is a somewhat special connection even through the bloggers, isn't there? Sometimes sitting at that mountain top, we really learn to break things down into what is important...that common thread.

Life Potentials Network said...

This is wonderful Nina! Celebrating the oneness of all! I remember when someone first told me that with every breath we take we are breathing in the essence of everyone who has ever stepped foot on the planet. From Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi to Manson, Madoff, and Jack the Ripper. it was an astonishing thought but true: we ARE all one, all part of the Divine. This poem really says it perfectly.

Grannie Annie said...

Nina your picture and words are so lovely you are such a special soul.
Have a wonderful day...month ...year.

Jan said...

Beautiful, Nina. I think the mountain top is such a powerful metaphor. What strikes me about what you said is how life really does look different from that peak. So much wonder and appreciation. Thank you for this lovely reminder...

jchristin said...

Beautiful! One of the things I love most about my islands is the journey it takes to sail there; but also when I arrive I go ashore and hike to the mountain top and sit there in solitude. I revel in the beauty, give praise for the journey, and feel such a rebirth. You have shown me I can do that here on land as well. Thank you:)

Laura Hegfield said...

This line really resonates for me Nina "Your breath, my breath, our breath... it all fills the air
It's here, where one can see that we are meant to share"...beautiful

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Nina, Being on top of the mountain is probably my favorite spot in the world... That's why we love the cabin on the mountain in Arkansas so much. Makes me feel even closer to God...

Thanks for a gorgeous photo and poem.

Stoneweaver said...

Mountains are indeed spiritual places. I can see they have given you inspiration.



Sniffles and Smiles said...

What lovely images you paint...I feel I am right there...with you...enjoying the vastness and the view! You write such vivid and wonderful poetry! ~Janine XO

Nina P. said...

Thank you everyone for your patience with me lately. I have been a little neglectful with the blog as I've been working on what to do and how to do this writers competition.
Thank you all for your continued support and inspirations. You are all Blessings to me.
May you find Peace, Love, Hope and Joy in life and may you always be Blessed.
Love and Light,
Nina Pauline

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