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Friday, October 16, 2009

Unicorn Ride

Remember when the world was magical? When a walk in the park was a mysterious fairyland of play? A tree became a fortress, the flower beds a magic carpet? A broom became a trusty steed? A gate became an entrance to a courtyard of possibilities?

If only we could capture that whimsical innocence again. Free ourselves from the day to day and let our imaginations soar again, dream again, live again, if only for a moment....

Come join me while we travel to a land far, far away.... or is it?...
A trip to a Wonderland called Imagination....

Unicorn Ride

Such magic lies within the park

A mystical beast I've found

Imagination as the spark

Let's take a ride around

Prance among the flowers

Looking up to see the sky

No cares about the hours

As trees and shrubs go by

Capture every scene there is

With Joys that fill the soul

Forget the reigns trust in his

Sit back, take in the stroll

Beauty's all around I see

As magic fills the air

Over there I see a tree

Clothed in such festive flair

Standing out amongst the crowd

Vivid colors shining bright

Not so tall but oh so proud

It shimmers in the Light

Our trusty steed, a unicorn

mystifies the day

High stepping over newly born

Grass and flowers come what may

Soak up the sun and take this ride

Dance with natures glory

Feel the energy deep inside

For now you're part of life's story

Written 10-2-09 with a whimsical heart

With Love and Light,


Nina P.

(photo's are from microsoft office clip art downloads online or google image search images/ unicorns. if you click on the image, the location is there)


Life Potentials Network said...

OH Nina, this touched such a cord! I've been revisiting this place inside of my child self recently trying to reconnect with that old magic. And that is exactly what it is. You have captured it perfectly with your words. Loved the ride on the unicorn! xo

Clytie said...

I loved the magical unicorn ride.
And I didn't even spill my coffee!

To go back and relive past magical times, even for a moment, is so special. You touched a part of my soul that needed touching today and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

Nina, you are so very talented my sister. I can do nothing, but smile after this visit!

"Soak up the sun and take this ride
Dance among natures glory
Feel the energy deep inside
For now you're part of life's story"

That is true poetry at it's finest!

Caroline said... this. I had a unicorn obsession when I was a little girl. I had dozens of unicorn toys and stuffed animals. This poem brings me much joy today!

septembermom said...

We can all use some magic each day. This was a wonderful trip through the imagination. What a great idea for a poem. Thank you today for this fun trip!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Nina,,, That is so neat! I love imagination --and thinking about unicorns.. My life is so magical now--and when we hiked down in Tallulah Gorge, I felt as if I was in a gorgeous world of beauty and imagination. Wow--life is so wonderful.

Thanks for another great post.

AutumnLeaves said...

What beautiful sentiments and images to help one escape to those very moments you speak of, Nina. I remember playing house under the cave of the tree branches, sticks and stones and dirt making the food, flying high on the swings and thinking of Ben Franklin with every kite flown. Thank you for the happy memories this a.m.

Joy said...

"whimsical innocence"--I absolutely love it! Delightful. Thank you.

Granny Annie said...

I witnessed it this week as our seven year old granddaughter stood on the mountain (A huge dirt pile) and envisioned all the things you highlighted. It is difficult not to resent her as I vaguely recall that time in my life. Why did it have to go?

A Dancing Mango said...

Love your postings!
The photos where wonderful and I feel like a child again! ugs, Dar

Natural Moments said...

I am taking this ride and I don't want to get off.

Nina P. said...

Thank you al for taking this journey with me. Imagination is never lost, it's just forgotten sometimes. It's wonderful when we can tap back into it and fly off to exotic lands, be part of the story. Have FUN! Set sail on new adventures every day. Love and Light, Nina P

Haley said...

Oh, I loved this. I don't want to get off the unicorn ride! You are gifted... Can't wait to read more...

Denny Lyon said...
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Denny Lyon said...

Delightful! This joy and whimsey is something I've always held onto tenaciousnessly into adulthood - which I suppose is why I tend to be happier than most no matter what rotten tomatoes Life threw at me from time to time... :)

Beautiful poem, so well done, with lots of encouragement to reawaken that spark in people they secretly knew was always waiting inside them for rediscovery!

Maithri said...

How beautiful my friend,

Your soft radiant energy pervades this piece...

Love and deep peace,


miruspeg said...

Hello my dear friend with a whimsical heart!

Spending a day a week with 3 year old Joseph allows me to travel to lands far away. We talk to the fairies and the angels and collect feathers as we walk and skip along.

This is another delightful poem Nina.
It is always a joy visiting your blog.

Lots of love and light always coming your way my dear friend.
Peggy xxx

Arija said...

A delightful post Nina. We have a resident Unicorn in the wild wood. I've posted this and that about her now and then.

Thankyou for joining my followers and please leave a comment next time.