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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Fog is Lifting on Life Today

The Fog is Lifting on Life Today

The fog is lifting on life today
The Light is burning through
Life takes form within the mist
The ground is filled with dew

I stand in awe and look at life
Its beauty all around
The fog once hid the Masterpiece
Yet hearing every sound

The birds they sang such Joyful songs
While hidden in the trees
Fragrances so soft and sweet
Refreshed me  with each breeze

The fog is lifting on Life today
My spirit feels the stir
Vision's clearing with the Light
I'm sure you will concur

There're lessons to be learned I say
With how the fog does lift
From ground to trees to sky above
Learning is such a gift

Such magic held within the ground
Where water it does seep
Seeds once sown now grow strong
Faithful roots are running deep

Little sprouts start showing green
They grow up from the ground
Healthy trees grow strong and tall
Natures beauty all around

This is where some time is spent
Living with the land
A Spirit grows inside the Soul
Fed from Nature's hand

To reach up to the sky with Love
Branches stretch and grow
We're changing with each season
Our leaves they come and go

But at the core are faithful roots
That guide us from within
To grow and reach beyond ourselves
We truly can begin

Reach up towards the sky above
Towards infinity
For there  you'll find enlightenment
 With new clarity

The sky and sun are beaconing
For us to come and play
Hide and Seek among the clouds
With Angels every day

A wonderland awaits  for us
Past the clouds and sun
Stars encourage prayerful thoughts
New Life's Just begun

The fog is lifting on Life today
 Light Shines Bright as gold
All this I get from foggy mist
A story to unfold

Written 9/23/2009
with Love and Light,
by Nina P.


Granny Annie said...

You are an extremely talented poet.

AVT Coach said...

I'm new to your blog from Peggy at Middle Age Ramblings and Caroline at Whimsical Whispers. I read your comment on Peggy's site about the sun and knew I would love your blog. What a beautiful poem! I love the vision of the fog lifting!

shiny mamaof6 said...

This is just what I needed to read today. Did you think of me when you wrote it? ;)

I don't know when the fog will lift for me, but I know from your words that it will and I find great comfort in that. Thank you.

Natural Moments said...

You know the Secret to Feel Brand New.

It brings Life to Death

And a Heart that is True.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful Nina.. Where did you take those pictures? I love the cascades/waterfalls and that little creek flowing down the mountain/hill.. Where is that????? Gorgeous!!!!

Thanks for the wonderful poem.

septembermom said...

Your poetry soars off the page! I feel revitalized after reading your words. Thanks!

Nina P. said...

Once again Thank you all for your visits here. It's like old friends stopping by to say hello and give encouragement. Again, Thank you.

The photo's are all taken while on one of my fall vacations to NH. Most are taken from Flume Gorge State Park. You can visit even more of the park on their site:

I love nature and taking vacations where you can just go and explore all its beauty. My dream vacation is Alaska. I promised myself I'd get to there before I turned 50. Circumstances beyond my control will prevent that dream this year. So my new statement is I'm going to get to Alaska before I'm 52! (hey that gives me 2 years to save a little more! Its not a matter of if I will get there, its just a matter of when.)

If I won the lottery, I'd travel all around the US first (and Betsy, you've given me loads of ideas where to start!) and then around the globe to see all the glorious wonders that there are.

Blessings to you all. Love and Light, Nina P

♥ Braja said...

That is a beautiful poem...well done, Nina....

Debra W said...

"But at the core are faithful roots that guide us from within..." Loved this line. Sometimes we have to be reminded that we actually do know many of the answers. We just have to reach down deep enough to find them.


Jan said...

You have such a gift of words, Nina.

Fog is an interesting metaphor for one aspect of our spiritual journeys, isn't it? I often think of it as bringing in spiritual amnesia. :-) Amazing how something obscures our memory, or pulls us away from our truest self causing foginess, shadows, lack of clarity or even confidence in our path. Yes, there are so many learnings. I am happy to hear that you feel the fog is lifting and clarity is yours once again. Time to celebrate...

Denny Lyon said...

Fav lines: "The fog is lifting on life today -
The Light is burning through" - that thought itself could stand alone as a wonderful Haiku.

Always a pleasure to read a fellow poet's intriguing thoughts and your words are always a treat! Thank you!

How are you doing since the hand surgery? Amazing you are able to type so much right now while recovering. Have a great week! Glad to see you back blogging! :)

Clytie said...

Simply beautiful, Nina.

The sky and sun are beaconing
For us to come and play
Hide and Seek among the clouds
With Angels every day

May you play with angels today amongst the clouds.

Stoneweaver said...

THank you for another uplifting poem. I especially like the line:

A Spirit grows inside the Soul
Fed from Nature's hand

Great pictures too - what a beautiful place.

auntiem4cabs said...

WOW! Nina, this is awesome. I LOVE it!! I just love your bloggings :)

miruspeg said...

You surely are blessed with the gift/talent of turning words into breathtaking poetry Nina.

Bless you my dear, dear friend.
Take care

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful Words and lovely shots !! What a fantastic post !! Thanks for sharing the beauty !!Unseen Rajasthan

Renee said...

Beautiful Nina.

You are right, lift up our hearts.

Love Renee xoxo

Life Potentials Network said...

BEautiful, beautiful, beautiful! What an uplifting poem! You are so talented my friend!

Tammie Lee said...

beautiful and quite inspiring. the following lines are wonderful: Life takes form within the mist
The ground is filled with dew

I have a friend that 'must' have fog from time to time.

Martha Z said...

This is beautifull, both words and photos. I'm glad you enjoyed my site and by commenting introduced me to this.

only a movie said...

Love the words and images.