Thought For Today

Sunday, September 6, 2009


A child plays and bubbles fly
up into the air
They hesitate and dance a bit
as if they have no care
They swirl around with rainbows hue
giggles on the ground
Children run and try to catch
these playful little rounds

Playing with the wind
they dance a little dance
Arms reach up with screams of glee
little feet begin to prance
Gliding down, fingers touch
then gone within a flash
Smiling faces little feet run
and soon more bubbles dash

The grass is green, the sky so blue
rainbow bubbles high
They sail along as if with wings
no limits only sky

Try to touch on tippy toes
bubbles just out of reach
Jump on up and stretch so far
"come back" little voices screech 

Running fast and looking up
someone points and stares
A look of wonder in their eye
as bubbles touch their hair

Fun and laughter fill the air
children and bubbles play
seems no end to the fun
till evening ends their day

Little feet come running in
Bubbles on their hands
Water cleans Bubbles goodbye
Slumber now commands

Children fed ,sleepy heads
Sweet dreams fill their mind
Angles play with rainbow bubbles
imagination, what a find

written with Love and Light
by Nina P.  (finished 9/6/09)

all photo's from search under images: Bubbles


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great pictures and love the poem, Nina... Isn't it crazy how something as simple as blowing bubbles can cause so much JOY???? It's the simple things in life which are the most important.

Betsy said...

How I wish I was in those photos! I love blowing bubbles. It's magical!
Excellent poem my dear friend!

Tammie Lee said...

Nina, this is so sweet. I can see it as a book for children! Have you considered this?

Granny Annie said...

This brings to mind all our little ones as they love to frolick in bubbles and it refreshes memories of our own childhood love of bubbles.

SarahA said...

Great recollections in my mind, reading your words.Oh the memories *sigh* Why do we have to grow up! It's not fair! Ha!

septembermom said...

Those pictures are terrific! Bubbles are magical and fun. My kids always enjoy playing with them. Me too! The poem is wonderful :)

Nina P. said...

"Bubbles" came to me after a family reunion where all the little ones where playing with bubbles. Laughing, jumping such energy, such joy. And yes it brought back many fun memories of my younger years... of course it didn't stop us "oldies" (grin) from helping make and chase bubbles that day!!
I got most of Bubbles written in one sitting (@ 3:00am one morning) then she sat for about a month until her ending came the other night (1:00am). I did a Google search for the photo's and found some beauties. I 'm not sure how to give credit so I just said where I got them from if people want to look them up for themselves.
I'm so glad it brought back FUN, Joyful memories for you. Hmmm I never thought of a children's book but I can picture it in my mind once I read your comment Tammie Lee..... hmmm.. now to find someone to illustrate and publish.. hmmm.... hey you never know. (I am meeting with someone on 9/28 to discuss a collaborative project. If you care to, I can use your help. Send your prayers and positive thoughts my way that morning)
Love Light and Happiness to you all. Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a Joy filled "Bubble" kind of Day! Love and Light, Nina P.

acornmoon said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.I have enjoyed reading your poetry, it took me back to my childhood and carefree days.

DB said...

Very sweet poem and pictures. I think a bubble might be one of the only things in nature that is symmetrical. Perhaps that's why it's not so earthbound.

DB - Vagabond Journeys

Leandra Greenmoon said...

oh the pretty words, how I love the way the words dance on the page. I am very much liking the recent instalments in your growing painting...the colours that change with each different flavour you add to the landscape, a landscape viewed with a hope for the light you see in the trees and the stars and the bubbles with whom children play.