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Sunday, August 30, 2009


There is beauty in the complexities
There is beauty in the simplicities
There is beauty in all creation
Ruth was written to open our hearts so we may see
the beauty and perfection in ALL God's Glorious Creations.
Ruth is a kind and gentle soul
that nobody understood
Before her time she came and went
as if covered by a hood
She lived her life as different
she stood up strong and tall
Yet family kindly shunned her
keeping her from one and all
She found a love so tender
yet could not shout it out
For secret lives kept secret
was what it was all about
Few books her name is written in
of pictures there are few
When asked about this person here
it's as if no one knew
I feel a kindred spirit
with this name I found
Color prisms in this world
where black and white abound
So as I reach on out to you
for Ruth's around the earth
Don't look at what you're told to see
let your heart and eyes rebirth
See the soul inside of Ruth
the spirit deep within
God created her with His Love
to condemn is such a sin
Please look beyond myopic eyes
and see what's truly there
Each person has a story
though life be hard or fair
Ruth may be your neighbor
or a person down the street
Please look inside their eyes and see
a story not complete
Just because they're different
doesn't mean that they are wrong
God made us in His image
which makes us each so strong
So take a picture and share her life
put Ruth on your family tree
Add her name into the books
it's her place in history
We all are in this world alone
to live the life we can
So show compassion and some Love
to every child, woman and man
Once we realize we all are one
together on this land
A family of the universe
held in His Great Hand
Thank you to the Ruth's around
who lived despite the shun
For you are not forgotten
your history's just begun

Written 8/17/09
with Love and Light,
by Nina P.

This was inspired by family trees that have broken, neglected, pruned out , branches.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Every family his what we call the 'black sheep' in it.. Sometimes these people are neglected and forgotten. That certainly makes a break in the family tree.

I do alot of Family History --and have found many interesting tidbits about relatives in my past, some good and some not so good...

One thing about being human is that we are ALL human--and we ALL have our baggage and our 'ugly' parts.. BUT--if we ALL would try to do better, maybe life wouldn't be so bad.

Nice post. Makes us all THINK, doesn't it????

Stoneweaver said...

Oh how lovely - yes, those people that are overlooked in our family trees - either by accident or deliberately because of some scandal. I had a grandfather who I never met because my grandmother shunned him from the family. He had come back from a Japanese prison camp a broken man. But I tell you something - we later found out that he had been a genuine hero in that camp, had saved at least one man's life. I really wish I had met him. Now, I have a photo of him (the only one we have!) in pride of place on my piano. I am proud to be related to him.

It is true that we need to see beyond the outer shell - or beyond what people TELL us about a person. To know the real person within.

That last picture is beautiful!

miruspeg said...

This is a very important piece of writing Nina.
We are so often apathetic and walk through life with blinkers on.

These words especially stirred me:
"Once we realize we all are one
together on this land, a family of the universe"....

At least here in the blogosphere we are learning from each other that each one of us can make a difference by showing support and caring for each other unconditionally.

Lovely photos too....they enhance your wise words.

Much love and light to you always.

Nina P. said...

I get compelled to write on certain topics and can't do much of anything else until I do. "Ruth" has been with me for a few months and once I got her written... other things can now flood in. We ARE one Family of the universe. Once we as humans realize that, we might just start to get along better.... Ahh that eternal HOPE!
The photo's I took this past weekend on our family homestead. The Beautiful flower garden is my Mom's handiwork. She has been Blessed with a green thumb. (I think mine's brown as I can't seem to keep much growing. :-D ) That big old maple tree used to have the best swing on it... you could swing SO High!!. The tree's grown so much since it became our family home in 1972 it's magnificent!
Thank you again, my universal family, for all your words of support and encouragement. Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P.

septembermom said...

We are all threaded together by love into a wonderful tapestry. Nina, beautiful words and photos today. You make my heart shine! said...

You have given us the sweetest gift on this day! Nina, this was lovely and loving.

shiny mamaof6 said...

This poem speaks very loudly to me. I know a 'Ruth'. Thank you for helping me to see that she is one of God's creations and that she is to be cherished for who she is. God bless you.

Terry said...

Howdy Nina
Thank you so much for coming by my blog and leaving such wonderful words of hope .
You are truly a breath of fresh clean air that blows forth to scatter blessings where they are needed, You always leave nice surprises that make life so sweet.
Bless you sweet and gracious lady for the words of wisom you are able to put so simply.
I love the story of Ruth there is so much to learn from her.
Thank you for sharing with us.
Blessings of love,joy,health,peace and happiness to you this week !
Big Hugs
Happy Trails

Matthew said...

"We ARE one Family of the universe."

Well said Nina. We truly are all one family.

I love this wonderful poem. I have been a bit outcast because of my pain syndrome but I forgive everyone - fear drives people to do many things. It all begins with forgiveness and love.

Thank you for your words, they lifted my spirit today.


Life Potentials Network said...

This is a beautiful, inspirational poem that is full of Truth. I love how you fit the photos in with your poetry, and how you get the message out of how we are all One. Lovely. Blessings to you ....

Caroline said... that beautiful! There are so many Ruth's in this world. Beautiful misunderstood souls. Thank you for writing with love and light... Your words are such a gift!