Thought For Today

Friday, July 31, 2009



"Rain rain go away come again another day"

The Joyful Mantra of children.

If we could but see that joy again in rain.
The rain of nature,the rain of soul, the rain of emotion

Can bring dark skies and clouds
Can block the light of day
Can bring heaviness and lethargy
Can dash hopes and dreams
Can cancel events and postpone joys
Can bring headaches and pains
Can dampen the soul and hide laughter
Can cover a Light heart
Can create so much mud

Yet, Rain:
Can wash away old dust and grime
Can create table tents and rug picnics
Can refresh on a hot day
Can bring mud puddles to dance in
Can bring growth to the seeds of the earth
Can bring rainbows of Hope
Can bring New Life to a desert
Can make the Sonshine seem even Brighter
Can make the most vibrant Greens
Can create to most vivid colors
Can bring out so many shades of brown

Rain also:
Can nourish the heart
Can spark the imagination
Can make the most soothing sounds
Can give time for reflection
Can bring comfort to a child
Can create new growth
Can create time for friends
Can make time for reading and writing
Can bring Hope for a better tomorrow
Can be perfect for meditation and prayer
Can renew the soul

So I take the sweet liberty and change up the rhyme:

Rain Rain come this way;
Bring us Growth is what I say
For when you leave things will have grown;
As New Hope you have sown
So come if you must and bring with you;
Flowers and Rainbows and Life renew

written with Love and Light,
by a rain soaked Nina P.


septembermom said...

Wonderful perspective on rain! Renewing, refreshing. It's pouring here today. Sometimes I just want to stand on my deck and take it all in :) Happy Friday!

mamaof6 said...

I love rainy days. You describe it perfectly, and I love your remake of that old childhood rhyme.

Nina P. said...

Thank you, I had a little fun with this one as we've had a rainy summer here in western new york.
Love and Light, NIna P.

Clytie said...

I love rain ... and forest green is my favorite color. Maybe that's why I live here in Oregon. Not that you'd know it this summer ... with our horrible heat wave and parched earth. We could use some of that rain here right now.

And, dear friend, I am honored that you would like to use a photo from my blog for a special purpose. Please do. You have my permission and encouragement.

Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

Nina, (my sister's name also) I so loved this! I have found a new love/respect of rain since hurricane Katrina. I embrace it so differently these days and your piece described that beautifully.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I loved this, Nina. AND I love rain. We have had quite a bit of it this week--and I enjoy it. It does seem to renew the earth ---and US...


SarahA said...

Oh I am loving this, you. So true with your words.
Sometimes we need the Rain hey? 'Cos the Sun on his own cannot make a Rainbow!

miruspeg said...

Your description of Rain is beautiful Nina..."The rain of nature, the rain of soul, the rain of emotion" always give simple words a more powerful meaning.

Love your new take on the rhyme too.

Keeping smiling always dear friend.